Why Does This Video Of Dua Lipa Cooking Shrimp Accumulate Nearly 33 Million Views?

Video Of Dua Lipa Cooking Shrimp

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In an era where celebrity culture can make the most mundane activities go viral, a video of pop sensation Dua Lipa cooking shrimp on a barbecue has captured the internet’s imagination, racking up nearly 33 million views. But what’s behind the fascination with this seemingly simple clip?

Iconic Simplicity

The allure began with Dua Lipa’s sister posting a brief ten-second clip on Instagram of the singer flipping shrimp on a grill, dressed in a stunning Marni gown. The video was then shared by the popular @PopCrave on X (formerly Twitter), accompanied by the straightforward yet iconic caption: “Dua Lipa cooking shrimp in new video.” This phrase alone turned a routine moment into a viral sensation, showcasing just how the minutiae of a celebrity’s life can become a focal point of public attention.

Questionable Culinary Skills

Adding intrigue to the video is the speculation that surrounds Dua Lipa’s actual cooking skills. Mirroring another viral moment—Kendall Jenner’s famously awkward cucumber slicing—viewers quickly noted that the barbecue Dua was using didn’t appear to be lit. This led to rumors and jokes about whether the whole scene was staged, fueling debates and discussions across social media platforms.

The Cool Factor

Ultimately, Dua Lipa’s inherent charisma plays a significant role in the video’s popularity. Anything the pop queen does seems to turn to social media gold, whether it’s making a fashion statement or merely grilling shrimp. As she gears up to release her third album, which promises a shift from her disco-infused ‘Future Nostalgia’ to a 1970s psychedelic vibe featuring collaborations with artists like Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, fans are eagerly watching her every move.

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This combination of genuine interest in her life, coupled with the playful ambiguity of her grilling skills, creates a perfect storm for viral content. Dua Lipa cooking shrimp is more than just a video—it’s a cultural moment, reminding us how celebrities can influence and captivate us in the most unexpected ways.

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