If You Find The 6 Hidden Objects In This Image, Your IQ Is Over 107

QI test

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Ready to challenge your IQ with a test that will push your vision, reasoning, and speed to the limit? Put on your detective hat and dive into this extreme visual puzzle where you’ll need to find cleverly hidden objects. Only about 5% of people can complete this test. Do you have what it takes to join them?

How to Master This IQ Test

The rules are simple: closely examine the image below and find the hidden objects listed to the left of the drawing. You only have 15 seconds, so every moment counts in this intense challenge. Stay focused and eliminate any distractions. Keep in mind that 90% of people fail to complete this test in the given time. However, those with a keen eye can spot all the hidden items in less than 5 seconds!

The Hidden Objects Revealed

How did you do? Were you able to find the first object, a small cake, on the boy’s sleeve? What about the crown tucked near the towel above the trash can? Next, there was a candle hidden by the edge of the sink, under the boy’s arm. The brush was on the shelf among the flower pots. Then, there was a jar between the window and the clock, and finally, a pencil behind the door on the broom.

Did You Pass the IQ Test?

If you found all the hidden objects, congratulations! You’re among the elite 5% who completed this challenge with impressive speed and precision. This indicates an extraordinary level of concentration, a sharp eye for details, and a knack for quick thinking—skills that are incredibly valuable in everyday life, at work, and in school.

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Don’t Worry If You Didn’t Succeed

If you didn’t spot all the objects within 15 seconds, don’t worry! This extreme challenge is designed to be tough, and only a few can solve it so quickly. With a bit more practice, focus, and by trying other IQ tests, you can improve your skills. Start with easier puzzles to hone your brain, and soon you’ll see progress.

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