IQ Test: Can You Solve This Math Test in 20 Seconds?

IQ Test

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At first glance, this math puzzle may seem tricky, but with a solid grasp of basic arithmetic, anyone can solve it. Ready to test your skills? Let’s dive in and see if you can crack this in just 20 seconds.

Solving the Puzzle Step-by-Step

Here’s how to break it down:

  • First Line: An acorn plus an acorn equals 18. This means each acorn is worth 9.Calculation: 9+9=189 + 9 = 189+9=18
  • Second Line: Half a leaf plus half a leaf equals 10. This means one half-leaf is worth 5.Calculation: 5+5=105 + 5 = 105+5=10
  • Third Line: An apple plus an apple equals 16. Therefore, each apple is worth 8.Calculation: 8+8=168 + 8 = 168+8=16
  • Final Line: An acorn plus a leaf multiplied by an apple.Let’s translate the symbols into their numerical values: 9+10×89 + 10 \times 89+10×8

The Trap to Watch Out For

There’s a little trick in this final line. When dealing with both addition and multiplication, remember the order of operations: multiplication comes before addition.

So, first, you need to handle the multiplication: 10×8=8010 \times 8 = 8010×8=80

Then, add the acorn value: 80+9=8980 + 9 = 8980+9=89

The Answer

Thus, the solution to the puzzle is 89.

Taking on challenges like this not only sharpens your math skills but also helps keep your mind agile and quick. Next time you come across a seemingly tough problem, remember to break it down step-by-step. And always be on the lookout for those sneaky little tricks! Happy puzzling!

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