Logic Test: Can You Solve This Equation (38÷2×3+5-9)?

Logic Test

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Ready to Challenge Your Brain?

Math puzzles can be a mixed bag for many people. They demand critical and analytical thinking, which can be both stimulating and challenging. However, the satisfaction of solving a tough puzzle makes the effort worthwhile. These challenges are not just for kids; they offer great mental workouts for adults too.

Can You Solve This Math Riddle (38÷2×3+5-9)?

This math puzzle tests your logical thinking and arithmetic skills. Can you solve the problem (38÷2×3+5-9) in under 20 seconds? Make sure to set a timer on your phone and see if you can beat the clock.

Before you peek at the answers, try to work through the problem yourself. Ready? Let’s go!

A Complete Brain Workout

Solving puzzles like this one stimulates both the left and right sides of your brain. The left side is responsible for analytical, systematic, and objective thinking, while the right side is involved in creativity, emotions, and intuitive thinking. Engaging both sides leads to balanced cognitive development, which your brain will thank you for.

The Solution

Time’s up! Did you solve it? If so, congratulations! If not, don’t worry—let’s walk through the solution together.

To solve the expression 38÷2×3+5-9, follow the order of operations, also known as PEMDAS: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division (from left to right), Addition and Subtraction (from left to right).

  1. Division and Multiplication:
    • Start by dividing 38 by 2, which gives 19.
    • Then, multiply 19 by 3 to get 57.
  2. Addition and Subtraction:
    • Add 5 to 57, resulting in 62.
    • Finally, subtract 9 from 62, which gives the final answer: 53.

So, the solution to 38÷2×3+5-9 is 53.

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Math puzzles like this one are excellent for keeping your mind sharp. Whether you solved it or not, engaging with these challenges improves your problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll find these puzzles easier and more enjoyable.

For more brain teasers and puzzles, explore our website and challenge yourself with a variety of tests designed to stimulate your mind. Remember, the journey of solving puzzles is just as rewarding as finding the solution. Happy puzzling!

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