Meet Finn, the Giant Cat Who Grew to the Size of a 9-Year-Old Child

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Finn isn’t just any cat; his size rivals that of a young child. This remarkable growth isn’t entirely surprising, given that he’s a Maine Coon, a breed known for its impressive stature. Finn’s walks never go unnoticed.

A Cat of Unusual Proportions

Finn is far from a lightweight, but his owner loves carrying him around. This magnificent male cat has reached an incredible length of 1.3 meters, about the average height of a 9-year-old child.

Living in San Carlos, a city in California about 20 kilometers south of San Francisco, Finn and his owner, Natalie Bowman, often attract attention. When Natalie takes Finn for a walk on a leash, passersby are always astonished. Some even mistake him for a dog at first glance. “It’s really funny,” Natalie shares with Good News Network. “They think he’s a dog, and then when they get closer, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a cat.’ And they love him.”

Natalie adopted Finn in 2017 when he was just a 3.5-month-old kitten. As a true Maine Coon, he quickly grew in both length and weight, becoming the gentle giant he is today.

A Gentle and Affectionate Companion

Despite his imposing size, Finn is as gentle and affectionate as they come. Natalie describes him as a “docile and curious, very funny and loving” companion. Finn constantly seeks cuddles and can sometimes exhibit signs of hyper-attachment or separation anxiety. On days when she feels he might struggle with her absence, Natalie takes him to work with her.

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Finn, with his luscious orange coat, also has a big appetite. Natalie spends around $150 (approximately €140) monthly on his food, as he eats three to four meals a day.

When people visit Natalie’s home for the first time and encounter Finn, they often compare him to a lynx or a wildcat. However, Finn is anything but wild; he’s incredibly sociable and gets along wonderfully with Natalie’s other cat.


Finn’s story is a testament to the unique charm of Maine Coons and the special bond between pets and their owners. His size might be surprising, but his gentle nature and affectionate demeanor make him a beloved companion. Finn continues to bring joy and amazement to those who meet him, proving that sometimes, the most extraordinary things come in the most unexpected packages.

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