Revolutionizing College Television: The Birth of LTV

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A New Campus TV Station Emerges

In a world where campus entertainment seems to be limited, two dedicated communication studies students have decided to change the game at their college. Scott Pioli and Matt Uhrich, both juniors at the school, teamed up to create a unique campus television station called Lions Television (LTV). Born from an idea that sparked after Pioli took over as director of the now-defunct campus television program called The Journal, which barely aired at all, LTV has quickly gained recognition among students and staff at the College.

Filling the Gap in College Entertainment

Pioli serves as president and station manager of LTV, while Uhrich is vice president and program director. They found their mission with a fresh perspective on how to utilize campus resources to provide localized content tailored to their audience. “We wanted more shows and an actual network,” Pioli said. The duo recognized that many students crave non-commercialized, relevant stories they can relate to, creating a perfect opportunity for LTV to break through the mold.

  • Lions Now

    – A show focusing on people, events, clubs, and everything that matters to students at the College.

  • The Hot Corner

    – LTV’s sports debate show, similar to ESPN’s Around The Horn.

  • At the Movies

    – A new movie trivia game show to test avid film buffs around campus.

  • WTSR/LTV concert series

    – A collection of live music performances by student artists.

  • The Screening Room

    – A platform for showcasing student work through video presentations and more.

  • The Early Late Show

    – A late-night-style talk show hosted by James Introcaso, produced as part of a senior communication studies practicum.

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Broadcast Schedule and Channel Information

While the shows air on a rotating basis between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., and 11 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., the visibility of LTV has increased greatly among the campus community. Currently, the station shares channel 17 with other campus programming, such as movies shown by professors in their classes. However, starting next year, LTV will be the sole occupant of channel 17 while all other programming shifts to channel 20.

Dedication and Passion Behind the Scenes

Given the workload of managing an up-and-coming television network, one might assume that stress and exhaustion would take a toll on Pioli and Uhrich’s dedication to LTV. Contrarily, these two students are fueled by a passion for what they do, despite the long hours spent editing content or coordinating shoots. “We’re passionate about it even though it’s stressful at times; there are moments when we stay up until six in the morning editing,” Uhrich shared.

Pioli compared their experience to a scene from the movie “That Thing You Do” when the main characters hear their song played on the radio for the first time. That same sense of accomplishment and excitement can be felt within the walls of Kendall Hall, where LTV has its studio. Viewers can tune in to the station on campus channel 17 or watch their favorite shows on if they are off-campus. For those who want a more behind-the-scenes look into how the magic happens, the studio invites guests every Wednesday at 1 p.m. to observe what goes into creating LTV’s thrilling content.

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The Future of LTV and College Television

As the station continues to grow, plans for expansion are already in motion, with several new projects underway. With down-to-earth TV aimed at genuine connections, storytelling, and college life exploration, students across campuses can hope to see more stations like LTV cropping up. The success and determination of Pioli and Uhrich have not only provided engaging programming for their classmates but also ignited an inspiration that will undoubtedly spread across colleges as they follow suit.

In redefining college entertainment norms and giving voice to original content, Lions Television has made its mark as being potentially revolutionary within the college entertainment sector.

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