Wednesday, April 14, 2021

James Queally

Car thieves hit parking garages

Don't forget to lock your doors. The office of Campus Police is investigating a recent string of property thefts from the College's parking lots. The illegal shopping spree has already netted criminals a motorcycle, a 1998 Nissan and several personal items belonging to students, police said.

A tale of two halves: Surge crushes Jeffs

For 45 minutes, it looked like the visiting Amherst College Lord Jeffs might spoil the Lions' home opener, but a four-goal surge in the second half propelled the women's soccer team to a 5-1 victory at the TCNJ Adidas Classic on Sunday. A back-and-forth first half left the two teams locked in a 1-1 stalemate, but the No.

18 vs. 21: College presidents to discuss drinking age

It may be time to rethink the drinking age. At least that's what more than 100 college presidents are saying by signing a statement sponsored by the Amethyst Initiative, a national alcohol awareness group dedicated to sparking a new debate about the minimum drinking age.

Lubin, Lions light up Marauders

Millersville University's junior goalkeeper Jessica Heckman left Lions' Stadium Saturday with a very simple message for any rival keeper trying to stop senior Jenny Lubin: Be afraid. The pugnacious forward fired three goals past Heckman, earning a hat trick as the No.

Sorting out the summer concert scene

It's time for another summer in New Jersey. For concert-goers, that means one of two possibilities - if you're still caught up in the latest wave of Garden State-born pop-punk, hardcore and the rest of emo's bastard children, then you won't have to drive very far for a good music festival.

All rock, no ego: Absentstar’s modest rise to a record deal

Chicago-based Absentstar is not your father's rock 'n' roll band. They're not another group of hyper radio-friendly pop rockers either. They don't write bubble gum choruses and they don't think they are "that interesting." Non-conformist by complete accident, Absentstar is an ideal rarely seen in the mainstream music community: just five guys making music they want to, and having a hell of a good time doing it.

‘Comedy King’ returns to his court

The future and present of stand-up comedy met on the small stage Friday night as campus comedy king Adam Mamawala, junior communication studies major, and Comedy Central regular Steve Byrne teamed up for a pair of College Union Board (CUB)-sponsored comedy shows in the Rathskeller.

Art thief strikes in Holman

It appears the College has attracted a more cultured breed of criminal. Someone allegedly snatched eight student works from the Holman Hall painting studio in the past two months, leading to an uproar from the artists on Cody Rounds, junior fine arts major, noticed one of her works had gone missing from the studio on March 24, and immediately started a Facebook group called "HELP ME FIND THIS PAINTING!!!" The group description reads: "My painting was taken from Holman Hall March 24th, and I (really) would like it back.

Office of Campus Police: six vacancies

While 21 may be a lucky number for some undergrads at the College, it's a number the office of Campus Police has struggled with for years. According the office of Communications and Media Relations, the College employed between 16 and 18 officers each of the past three years, falling well short of the College-mandated marker of 21.

‘Semi-Charmed’ kind of Wednesday

While most students at the College couldn't tell you the last time they were conscious at 7 a.m., hundreds of them made an exception last Wednesday as they lined up in droves to purchase tickets for College Union Board's (CUB) upcoming Third Eye Blind concert.

Pair of panelists gossip about journalism for the stars

Taking the night off from chasing down Hollywood starlets and egotistical rockstars, a pair of notable entertainment columnists spoke to a throng of aspiring College journalists on March 5 at a discussion panel sponsored by Ed2010 in the New Library Auditorium.

With Grammy power, comes Grammy responsibility

It's music's equivalent of the Super Bowl, World Series, Wrestlemania, Battle of Endor, etc. I could analogize long enough to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, but the point is clear. The Grammy Awards are the biggest event on every musician's calendar. Those lucky enough to walk out of the 50-year-old event with an accolade gain immortality in the industry.

Eternal laughter of the sleep-starved mind

After staying awake for over 30 hours, even the most creative minds begin to cultivate some . abnormal ideas. Machinations of the sleep-starved mind may include but certainly are not limited to: a quartet of geriatric pop stars shambling and crooning on a Dr.

Pegasus Jetpack takes flight from the Rat

A trio of bands injected the Rathskeller with its first dose of rock 'n' roll this year when the College Union Board (CUB) held its first student band night of the semester on Jan. 25. Pegasus Jetpack's piano-driven sound meshed with post-hardcore quintet Faster than Fate and a group of garage-rockers dubbed Crashing Monty to provide Friday night Rat patrons with the first of many eclectic shows on the spring concert schedule.

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