November 28, 2020

Despite a heartbreaking year, hope is always present

November 23, 2020 Camille Furst 0

This year hasn’t been easy.

I’ve spoken with countless amounts of people who’ve lost their loved ones from a virus that has crushed the nation’s soul. I would wake up early and stay up late to keep up with the heartbreaking news that would appear again and again. And I’m burnt out. […]

Motivation can be found without competition

November 23, 2020 Mathias Altman-Kurosaki 0

The lights of the Rutgers University natatorium seemed to be shining brighter than ever on the last night of the Metropolitan Conference Championships. I stepped up on the starting block to swim the 200-yard butterfly for my last race of the season. For the second straight year, I finished in 16th place and our team once again finished in second place, just shy of winning a championship. […]

Students can take steps to combat seasonal depression

November 15, 2020 Esther Morales 0

For many students, including myself, the weeks can bleakly start to bleed together as the fall and winter seasons kick in. Some days you truly can’t bring yourself to write that discussion post or hop on that Zoom lecture. But when it boils down, the root of the problem for a lot of college students isn’t as simple as burnout.  […]

Entertainers, it’s not a sin to use your voices

November 3, 2020 Ian Krietzberg 0

The influence of “celebrities,” whether they are musicians or actors, has been compounded by the constantly growing prevalence of social media. And that influence has become as contentious as the environment in America at this moment — an environment where many people seem to be split along political lines.  […]

9/11 from a New Yorker’s perspective: May we never forget

September 11, 2020 Mathias Altman-Kurosaki 0

The events of Sept. 11, 2001, had a huge impact on the country and the world. It killed 2,977 people according to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and to this date is the largest terrorist attack launched on the United States.
As a lifelong New Yorker, the events of that day really hit close to home. I was only 17 months old when it happened, but I still feel an impact in hearing the stories that my family has told me. […]

Stress is not a competition

March 9, 2020 Julia Meehan 0

We’ve all been in this situation: it’s only Monday and you already have 55 pages to read for class tomorrow, two essays due this week and two exams to study for.Overwhelmed, you turn to our friends to let out your stress. Your friend empathizes with you but makes sure to let you know that you have it easy because they have even more to do. Sure, you’re stressed out, but they claim they’re feeling even worse. […]

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