Saturday, July 24, 2021

Camille Furst

Despite a heartbreaking year, hope is always present

This year hasn't been easy. I’ve spoken with countless amounts of people who’ve lost their loved ones from a virus that has crushed the nation’s soul. I would wake up early and stay up late to keep up with the heartbreaking news that would appear again and again. And I’m burnt out.

Joe Biden announced as president-elect in historic election season

Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the former Vice President under the Obama Administration, is projected to clinch the victory against President Donald Trump in a revolutionary presidential election.

Foster announces tentative plan for spring ‘Flex’ semester

The spring 2021 semester is tentatively scheduled to be a hybrid form of on-campus and remote learning, College President Kathryn Foster announced in a campus-wide email on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Investigation confirms student involvement in off-campus parties as Covid-19 cases spike

On Aug. 19, open containers and two kegs were sprawled across a parking lot. Music blared throughout the property and into the homes of neighbors. No cases were yet confirmed by the College. 

Covid-19 cases among students rise to 51, College says

Fifty-one students have tested positive for Covid-19 with all but five living in off-campus housing, according to Rafia Siddiq, the contact tracing coordinator for the College.

Nine students residing in off-campus houses test positive for Covid-19

The College has confirmed nine positive cases of Covid-19 among students living in off-campus houses in the Ewing area, according to Dave Muha, the associate vice president of communications, marketing and brand management, in an interview with The Signal. 

Sot family continues to fight for justice despite legal obstacles

Candice Buno-Sot is still fighting for justice for her son. “We’re going on our third judge in September. We’re on our second prosecutor. We’re on our second victim advocate. And we’re just not happy,” Buno-Sot said.

College reverses course, will remain online-only for fall semester

By Camille FurstEditor-in-Chief The College has changed its initial plans and will now host all classes remotely for the fall 2020 semester, President Kathryn Foster...

Evidence of slave ownership not present on property, William Green Plantation Committee says

No evidence currently exists that the Green family, who lived on what is now campus property, owned slaves. Rather, evidence suggests that the property had indentured servants, according to head researcher and anthropology professor George Leader.

Campus to tentatively reopen for fall 2020 semester

The College plans to tentatively reopen its campus for the fall 2020 semester, according to President Kathryn Foster in her community-missive sent out on Friday, June 26. The plan includes a hybrid of online and on-campus instruction, with classroom densities greatly reduced.

College uncovers evidence of former slavery on property; students demand change

Controversy broke out in the College community when President Kathryn Foster informed students that the campus is built on the former William Green slavery plantation in a mass email on June 19, mentioning that a group of faculty members have been researching its history.

College releases ‘Campus Pulse’ survey: what you need to know

The College released the anonymous “Campus Pulse” survey results on Thursday, June 11, through a campus-wide email sent by newly-appointed Vice President for Equity and Inclusion James Felton III. College President Kathryn Foster released the survey to students, faculty and staff in November 2019.

College’s response to death of George Floyd leaves students dissatisfied

Zane Thompson-Bradley broke down as he tried to speak. In the video call with over a hundred other participants, silence remained on every other end. “I have to risk my life just to voice my opinion,” he said between cries. And there, others wept with him.

Letter from the Editor: We are in this together

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, many students from the College have taken to social media to stand in solidarity with those facing discrimination and violence. Other students have faced mounting prejudice themselves. As a news organization reporting information of our campus community, our goal and responsibility is to reflect the emotions, experiences and struggles our community faces. We would like to hear from you.

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