Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Monday Motivation: The women’s swim team

The women’s swim team has seen their season change in a plethora of ways due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, they dove into the uncharted waters brought on by the pandemic.

March Madness — back and more mad than ever

After a hectic year, March Madness brought flashes of normalcy: filling out the brackets, getting mad when your favorite team loses and rooting for the underdog to win it all. It’s relieving for the sports world to say once again, “this is March.”

Coach’s Corner: Getting to know the College’s athletic director

Both coaches and athletes play a huge role in the success of a college athletic program, but behind the scenes are the administrators who work day in and day out to make athletics run smoothly. At the head of the College’s athletic administration is executive director of athletics Amanda Demartino.

Monday Motivation: The men’s basketball mentality

At the College, student athletes have been faced with a different reality due to the pandemic consisting of virtual team meetings, workouts and bonding. Some athletes dealt with injuries or financial challenges while others used their time for self-improvement, increased family time and personal projects.

Student-run virtual fitness classes bridge isolation and workouts at the College

Before Covid-19 hit, sophomore nursing major Carly Baker looked forward to taking classes at the College’s gym nearly everyday. She has always enjoyed working out with friends, cycling for miles and running on the treadmill. Naturally, she felt terrible when Covid-19 stopped everything in its tracks. 

Swim team takes home NJAC title

It has been almost half a decade since the last NJAC championship was earned by the swim team. This was not the first time this team has faced adversity, but no one expected the 2020-21 season to be what it was. Despite the clearance for the season, these student athletes were sailing into uncharted waters. This swim season would be one like no other. 

Coach’s Corner: Running With Lindsey

After a collegiate and professional career as a track runner and over a decade in coaching, Head Coach Justin Lindsey knows his way around a track program. He has brought his years of expertise and experience to the College, and found great success which he hopes to continue in order to make the track program a national powerhouse. 

Golfers support Tiger Woods after car accident

Tiger Woods was badly injured last week in a car crash in Los Angeles. Golf fans and the sports world alike were relieved to learn that his injuries were not life threatening and he was in stable condition. 

Coach’s Corner: A look into men’s and women’s tennis

Scott Dicheck is no stranger to the College’s athletic program. In 21 years, Coach Dicheck has been the head coach of both the men’s and women’s tennis teams and has seen quite a bit of success in his time at the College.

Student athletes invited to join SAAC

Student athletes are competitors, leaders and advocates for change — and with the latest student-athlete organization, they have a voice. Head coaches can select up to two representatives for each team in order to form the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Coach’s Corner: College football’s Casey Goff

Football teams are organizations full of moving parts: a stampede of players, a long list of personnel — at the top lies the head coach. A head coach in any sport must be a strong leader with years of experience to help their organization play to the best of their ability. At the head of the College’s Football program is Coach Casey Goff.

Fans are coming back to NY sports

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo announced on Feb. 10 that arenas and stadiums in the state could soon host fans again. The date for opening arenas to fans is set for Feb. 23, and along with this plan comes guidelines to ensure public safety.

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