Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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OPINION: Foster’s email has truth to it

I will admit when I first read President Foster’s email about the number of Covid cases rising on campus, I missed the sentence where she says the students are to blame for not following protocols.

OPINION: President Foster’s email ignores real cause of Covid-19 spike, will result in more harm than good

President Foster’s email early on Feb. 28 regarding the number of positive student cases over the past ten days was astounding to say the least.

OPINION: Unethical Senators within Trump’s impeachment trial

The Senators in the impeachment trial did not behave in the court of law as they should have.

The Goose: Freshman couple goes to Panera Bread to have an awkward first date

Valentine's Day. The day of the year where happy couples can send cards in an expression of love designed with the intent to ostracize...

The Goose: Democrats and republicans finally agree that nobody cares about College political clubs

After a close election ending with the nomination of Joe Biden, (insert tension that's not going to set the world on fire or something)...

OPINION: Why the Trump Impeachment Trial was dead before it began, and what Democrats can do

On Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 1 p.m., the United States Senate convened to try former President Donald Trump for inciting the riot that occurred on Jan. 6.

A message to those who have lost a loved one to Covid

On Dec. 14, I lost one of my favorite people ever to the disease that has caused millions of losses worldwide; from jobs to fantasies to lives. 

GME stock fiasco is the last straw for working class America

By Seva GalantCorrespondent Time and time again, the American government has failed its people. It is often siding with cronies and corporations while ignoring the...

College isn’t everyone’s path, and that’s okay

Elementary school, high school, college, job; it’s the oldest life sequence in the book, and one laid out for me for as long as I can remember.

The Goose: TCNJ Curriculum to be replaced by pop culture references

Hailing from the infamous page on Instagram, The Goose provides ‘the most reliable fake news at TCNJ.’ 

Analyzing Capitol insurrection: College political science professor weighs in

If these three claims do not hold up under scrutiny, what claims do? We should be clear that enormous damage was done to American democracy on January 6th, 2021, that the insurrection constitutes a clear manifestation of white supremacy’s durability, and that Trump’s encouragement of anti-democratic racists has made the US a more dangerous place for non-White Americans to live.

OPINION: Congress more unified in wake of attack on Capitol Building

A long-divided country and government met its breaking point on Jan. 6th — a date that will be remembered as one of the darkest days in United States history. Yet out of the ashes of insurrection is a more unified American government that has the clear intent to preserve the Constitution.

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