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WTSR director Julia Landi follows up her debut single with four-song EP

DIY Musician of the alternative band Pourover, Julia Landi uses dreams as inspiration for her stream-of-conscious-styled lyricism on “Watnong Drive,” her latest solo release. 

TCNJ musical theatre gives a Disney themed performance

TCNJ Musical Theatre (TMT) performed a Cabaret on April 27. This event featured their members giving solo performances to a very specific theme — all the music performed was tied in some way to Disney.

‘Cruel Summer’ is the latest binge-worthy thriller series to hit Hulu

“Cruel Summer,” a ‘90s psychological thriller following a young woman who goes missing is the newest binge-worthy drama to hit Hulu.

Music professor assigns TikTok homework to teach in remote learning environment

TikTok is known for being a social media platform. However, one professor at the College is turning TikTok into a platform for learning.

‘Keeping your foot on the pedal’: A.M. Homes outlines her career in writing

Known for her strange, sometimes controversial work, author A.M. Homes has been praised for her originality and unconventional style when it comes to writing. Her work, which has been characterized as surreal, postmodern and darkly humorous, has been known for exploring the inner psyches of often troubled characters in dire situations, including confrontations with their own sexualities and the darker aspects of their personalities.

‘Drive Anywhere’ is the sunshine pop song created by your peers

A college student nearing finals knows the feeling — books everywhere, papers lined up by professors, tests nearing closer  — but with summer on the horizon, things may start looking hopeful. To give anyone a break during these next long couple of weeks, students can check out a new cheerful song released by two students at the College.

Mosaic Society ups the standard for representation in theatre

TCNJ Musical Theatre (TMT) and All College Theatre (ACT) collaborated for the first time on Friday, April 30 in their production of Mosaic Society, a collection of monologues from students in a support group setting about topics ranging from compulsory heterosexuality to being a person of color struggling with mental health.

‘Things Heard and Seen’ tells a confusing, frustrating story

When artist Catherine Claire (Amanda Seyfried) and her family move to the Hudson Valley, she begins to suspect that her marriage and new home are overtaken by a haunting darkness that has to do with the previous owners. As Catherine tries to learn more about the tiny town and its history, her family suffers from haunting memories, mental illness and infidelity. 

Q&A with The Imaginaries: ‘music called us’

As a culmination of independent solo music careers filled with three studio albums apiece, tours, gigs and song placements all over television and film comes The Imaginaries, a husband-wife duo that combines the talents of Maggie McClure and Shane Henry in a bluesy, dramatic debut album.

The Oscars air despite a two-month delay

Over the years, award shows have lost the once-prominent momentum and interest. Performances are lackluster, speeches are trivial and the gilded glamour has been viciously scratched away. With the subtlety now exposed, the shows go on without a hitch, rendering a bitter feeling of pretending everything is alright. 

A Q&A with Five For Fighting: ‘I haven’t written my best song yet’

Everyone may not be familiar with the name Five For Fighting, but the song “100 Years,” one of the band’s biggest hits, has been a familiar staple since its release in 2004.  John Ondrasik, also known as Five For Fighting, released his first album “Message For Albert” in 1997, followed by 2000’s “America Town,” which skyrocketed Ondrasik’s career with the groundbreaking single “Superman (It’s Not Easy).”

i-Tunes performs their annual i-Cabaret

The a cappella group, i-Tunes, performed their annual spring concert, i-Cabaret, on YouTube in a creative way to showcase the talent of the group while social distancing. The live showing on April 23 featured solos and duets. Alexandra Vargas, a sophomore early childhood education and English dual major hosted the event along with Ryan McLaughlin, a junior and co-musical director of i-Tunes.

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