Saturday, July 24, 2021

Isabel Vega

‘Cruel Summer’ is the latest binge-worthy thriller series to hit Hulu

“Cruel Summer,” a ‘90s psychological thriller following a young woman who goes missing is the newest binge-worthy drama to hit Hulu.

Netflix’s “Tell Me When” falls flat

The newly released Netflix original film written and directed by Gerardo Gatica, “Tell Me When,” (Spanish: “Dime Cuándo Tú”) had its debut on the streaming service on April 21. The plot follows a workaholic and Mexican-American, Will, who decides to go ahead with the plans his late grandfather made to help him discover his roots and heritage in Mexico. “Tell Me When” stars Jesús Zavala as Will, Ximena Romo as Dani (Will’s love interest), Verónica Castro and José Carlos Ruiz. The romantic comedy was already released in Mexico late last year. 

Selena Gomez delights fans with first ever Spanish project, ‘Revelación’

Selena Gomez has finally shared with fans her first ever Spanish musical record after working on it for over a decade. “Revelación” dropped Friday at midnight, and fans could not be more excited. 

Students should take risks when applying to internships

A strong component in securing a job after graduation is in completing a summer internship between semesters. When students obtain and finish an internship, it allows them to gain valuable experience that future employers look for. An internship could also possibly to the company offering the employee a full-time job after graduation.

Diversity Education Series mends race relations

As part of the fall semester’s Diversity Education Series, the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion held “Exploring Early Messages on Race and Cultural Differences” on Thursday, Oct. 10 in the Brower Student Center Room 225.

‘It’ sequel chills, suffers from bloated runtime

The return of the demonic — and at times hilarious — clown arrived in theaters on Sept. 6 with director Andrés Muschietti’s “It Chapter Two.”

Alumni offer business students career advice

Two alumni took the stage Mayo Concert Hall on Sept. 18 to address business majors with some honest career advice. The College’s School of Business hosted the talk, where George Wunder (’94) and

SG welcomes back members

Student Government welcomed both new and returning members with its first general meeting of the semester on Sept. 4 in the Education Building Room 115.

Prisoners should be denied right to vote

Whether or not felons should be granted the right to vote is an ongoing debate that become pertinent leading up to the 2020 presidential election. I believe that if someone is not willing to follow the law

Home is a mindset, not a location

“Where are you from?” This is such a straightforward question that is typically answered in a short sentence, but having experienced four major moves and only being 18, I often find myself struggling to find the right response.

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