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Alumni offer business students career advice

By Isabel Vega
News Editor

Two alumni took the stage Mayo Concert Hall on Sept. 18 to address business majors with some honest career advice.

Wunder addresses the crowd (Jennifer Somers / Photo Editor).

The College’s School of Business hosted the talk, where George Wunder (’94) and Darrel Kasper (’93) highlighted the leadership, values and the importance of being forthright.

Kasper, who graduated with a degree in business administration and a concentration in finance, told students he has been working in the business world for 25 years — 15 of those being in sales operations.

“Each and everyone of you has an equal chance of making your career,” Kasper said to the crowd.

Wunder, who also studied finance at the College, told students of the importance of public speaking when having to stand up and present to a room filled with people.

“The most important thing from a skills based standpoint is public speaking,” he said.

Wunder also labeled teamwork, project management and leadership as critical skills necessary to being successful in the business industries. He also believes micro and macroeconomics are the most beneficial courses offered to business majors at the College.

Kasper also discussed the necessity of obtaining a master’s degree.

“Before going to grad school, ask yourself if your field needs a grad school degree,” Kasper said.

He also touched on the right timing to further one’s education.

“The best time to go to grad school is three to five years after you graduate, so you have work experience,” Kasper said.

Wunder expressed the importance of being smart on the internet and told students that the way they present themselves online matters. Wunder also believes that GPAs should start with a three, not two or four.

“Employers want to know that you’re human,” he said.

In giving tips on interviews, Kasper told students always to bring copies of resumes to demonstrate their preparedness.

Kasper also told students to be well-versed on the company they are interviewing for.

“You don’t need to know everything, but at least know the basic information,” he said.

Kasper said that equal respect is key when stepping into any office setting.

“Everyone you talk to is worthy of your respect,” he said.

When it comes to growth in people’s careers, Wunder said that the world in which an individual works the same job for 40 years and retire is over.

Kasper told students not to get caught up in their titles, saying that they constantly need to be themselves and to reach out to future colleagues proactively.

Wunder also touched up on corporate meetings and emails, suggesting that students make them short and to the point.

“No one likes to read long emails or sit in meetings, so make them efficient.”

Students took the alumni’s advice well, especially freshman marketing major Andres Moreira, who felt that being forthright in business is vital.

“Never would I have thought that something as simple as ending a meeting early or making sure my presentation is not boring could benefit me in a multitude of ways,” Moreira said.

To wrap up, Kasper gave students some advice on choosing their career paths.

“Don’t ever compromise your values and beliefs,” he said. “If you’re uncomfortable with your job, leave it. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Figure out what motivates you and makes you happy.” 


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