Friday, April 16, 2021
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Tag: grant playter

ACT portrays modernized ‘Medea’

Medea entered stage left, the deep red colors of her flowing dress mirrored by the coppery fluid dripping off her arm. She collapsed, her knife skittering across the floor. The deed had been done. Her children may be dead, but her revenge on Jason was complete.

‘Lego Batman’ revamps classic series tropes

The Batman depicted in this movie is different than any given Batman we’ve seen. He’s egotistical, loves to fight, loves himself even more, but also has this odd blend of campy and brooding moments.

‘The Mick’ serves up some ‘Sunny’ style sleaze

As one might expect of it’s crew’s pedigree, the show’s tone is very dark. The principal characters are not particularly good people, and it’s a testament to the actors’ performances and charisma that we're able to find ourselves somewhat sympathetic to their lives.

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