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Plan a movie night and have a ‘reel’ good time

Movies are a great way to meet new friends. Planning a movie night with floormates, classmates or just some random people on campus is always a great way to expand your college social circle and, well, watch a movie.

It can be a little daunting to move into a completely new space, live with a stranger and figure out a way to get a handle on the whole “college” thing.

Sure, maybe you want to go up to people and say, “Hi, I’m Joe, nice to meet you, let’s be friends,” but maybe you’re just too shy (or maybe that is a really awkward way of making friends).

Cue movie night. Invite a whole bunch of people into your room, offer them food and make friends without having to say much.

Choosing the perfect movie is always important. Pick something you like, so people with common interests come over. Or, check for the College’s most popular movies.

It doesn’t have to be a movie that no one’s seen; you really don’t have to agonize over it. But it does help if it’s the kind of movie that people will want to see again. Leave the door open and you’ll be sure to attract passersby.

Unless you have a huge movie stash, or a Community Advisor /Peer Advisor (see page 5 for College lingo) who is willing to drive you to Hollywood Video, you may wonder what to do about getting a movie.

Luckily, the New Library has a media center with a plethora of cinematic selections. If you’re too lazy to take a walk over to the library, you can call x3235 on campus to see if your favorite flick is in stock.

Make sure you do it before 4 p.m., though, or you’ll miss your chance. And, just in case you’re deathly afraid of the phone, or maybe you just missed the 4 o’clock deadline, you can go to and do a search for your movie du jour.

Also, be sure to return it first thing the next day!

Another great way to make friends on a movie night is to offer snacks, especially when it’s junk food at night.

You could either order in or make a run to the Marketplace Convenience Store and waste some of those hard-earned meal plan points on chips, drinks and candy.

But be sure no one’s sitting on your or your roommates’ bed, because sleeping on soda-covered sheets with your head resting on Dorito dust is not the most pleasant way to spend a night.

That’s especially true if you found someone in particular at movie night worth sharing your too-tiny bed with.

(Note: The Signal does not condone hooking up. Well, not too much of it at least.)

Chances are, once you prop open the door, make loud chip-bag-opening noises and start the movie, your group will grow exponentially.

After all, Welcome Week is all about meeting new people, so if someone on the floor is having a movie night, you’re probably invited. And if you’re the one throwing the movie night, make sure everyone’s invited!


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