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Sick of Eick? Try No. 1!

Sometimes, eating campus food doesn’t cut it, especially when Eickhoff or the Travers/Wolfe dining hall – T-Dubs – isn’t open.

With a plethora of restaurants around the College, the varieties of which span the globe, you’re more likely to gain your Freshman 15 on takeout than Carte Blanche.

You can even order online at, which also provides menus and prices.

Chinese food is an inexpensive and tasty late-night meal, but with Tan May, Fu Wah and No. 1 China so close, it can be hard to choose.

“I like No. 1 China, because they are the best Chinese place near the school and they are usually pretty speedy,” Jake Voytko, junior computer science major, said.

Nate Kupp, senior electrical engineering major, also said his favorite takeout joint is No. 1 China.

“They’ve got really good food for the price – especially the General Tso’s chicken.”

“If I’m preferring Italian, we go for Two Brothers Pizza,” Voytko added. “They’re very close to the school, and we like their pizza better than Domino’s.”

When you aren’t in the mood for those, there’s fried chicken, which Brian Glaz, sophomore interactive multimedia major, prefers.

He chooses to order from Cluck-U Chicken “because you can order it online, the food is really good, and they’re open really late.”

Glaz said, “Ordering Cluck-U after midnight is … one of the (College) experiences everyone should have, much like getting ice cream from Halo.”

Halo Farms is a market on Spruce Street in Ewing that sells pints of homemade ice cream.

If you have money on your Get-It Card, you can use it at Cluck-U, IHOP and Two Brothers Pizza, some of the popular off-campus eateries, plus other nearby spots.

But when your parents come to visit, you can’t just order a pizza.

With the College so close to Route 1, a highway off I-95 North loaded with shopping centers, the possibilities, from seafood at Joe’s Crab Shack to casual Italian at Olive Garden, are nearly endless.

When Voytko’s parents visit, they tend go out to franchise restaurants like Applebee’s or On The Border. “I’ve also heard good things about H.I. Rib,” though he said he’s also heard it is a “little pricey.” But, he said, “I let my parents spend a little more money.”

Lauren Svec, senior political science major, goes with her parents to T.G.I. Friday’s. “It’s a place where we can all get what we want, and it tastes a lot better than campus food, and (it’s) better than cooking.”

Kupp said he’s even gone with his parents to Wendy’s, a five minute drive from campus, “but mostly ’cause we were in a hurry.”


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