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Rescheduled Straylight Run show set for Rat

After two failed attempts last year, Straylight Run is again scheduled to play at the College. This time, the show is scheduled for Nov. 3 in the Rathskellar.

The band agreed to play for a lower price than it is usually booked for because of the two previously canceled shows. Because this new price was within the Rathskellar committee’s budget, the College Union Board took the opportunity to bring a larger band into the Rat. When the tables and chairs are removed from the Rat, it can hold over 200 people.

“I see this as an opportunity to have a great band in the Rat, and more importantly, an extremely intimate show,” Mary Mamrak, CUBRAT co-chair, said. “Fans should appreciate being able to see Straylight at such a close distance and not in a seat.”

On Monday, approximately 200 tickets went on sale. The tickets, at $10 each with a student ID, are limited to one per student.

As of press time Monday night, there were under 100 tickets left on sale. However, the show was expected to be sold out by Tuesday.

Doors for the show open at 7 p.m., and the opener, which has yet to be announced, will come on stage at 8. Straylight Run is scheduled to play at 9.

Straylight Run was supposed to play at the College twice last year, but both shows had to be canceled. The first show, originally scheduled for the Spring semester’s Welcome Back Weekend, had to be canceled because of the ceiling collapse in Kendall Hall.

The band also canceled for the second show, when they were slated to play on the mtvU Campus Invasion tour alongside Motion City Soundtrack and HelloGoodbye. The two singers, John Nolan, formerly of Taking Back Sunday, and his sister Michelle came down with food poisoning.

“Both instances were out of our hands,” Mamrak said, “and we were very disappointed Straylight could not perform.”

“It should be an amazing show,” Mamrak said. “Third time’s a charm, right?”



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