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‘The most (dis)honest Congress in history’ moves in

Last November’s elections brought the United States under the control of a Democratic majority in Congress after 12 years of Republican domination. As the Democrats came into office, they voiced their intentions through their leader, now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She promised to bring America “the most honest Congress” in American history, and some na’ve individuals swallowed this load of bull.

Unfortunately for the country, this “most honest Congress” was dishonest before, during and after the Democrat campaign pledge. Proof of this claim resounds in Congress every day and the level of liberal hypocrisy is truly daunting.

I wonder why the new Speaker didn’t ask those who had blatant ethics violations to step down when she took charge, since she claimed that her Congress would be greatly honest.

Congressman William Jefferson’s office was probed and $90,000 was discovered in a freezer. You and I probably don’t have that money in the first place, but whatever money we have, I’m willing to bet it’s in a bank, not a freezer. Common sense is that people who obtain exorbitant amounts of money illegally through dishonest political deals might keep it in a freezer. Thanks to Jefferson, we know what they mean when they say “cold, hard cash”!

Another amazing example is the case of Congressman Alcee Hastings of Florida, who was impeached by a Democratic Congress when he was a judge for allegedly taking bribes.

Now he’s a congressman in the “most honest Congress in history” and was almost the chairman of a very powerful committee. Why wasn’t he asked to resign by Pelosi, or at least slapped on the wrist with a congressional censure to make it look like Pelosi was bringing the “most honest Congress” in history?

Passing over other House examples to move to the Senate, we have Senator Robert “KKK” Byrd from West Virginia, a prominent Democrat who has served in the Senate for decades. Despite the Democrats’ claim that they are the party that stands up for minority rights, they continually elect and applaud this former Klansman; hence the “KKK” stuck in the middle of his name. He is a self-admitted former recruiter for the Klan, but is welcomed and revered by the Democrat Party.

In reality, the liberals only support minorities if they adhere to the left-wing agenda. If someone is a conservative minority figure, such as Alan Keyes, Lynn Swan, Condoleezza Rice, Rod Paige, Michael Steele and many others, the liberals’ allegiance to these fine minority people flies out the window with the bathwater because they aren’t socialists.

And forget about liberals admitting that President Bush has helped advance minority status by appointing more minorities in his government than any other president in American history.

Next, we have Senator Ted Kennedy, who lectures the President and American people on morality, their duty and what they should do, yet drives drunk and crashes his car off a bridge and leaves his girlfriend to drown. Chappaquiddick Kennedy crawls out of the harbor with a bottle of scotch in one hand and ripped pantyhose in the other and the liberals hail him as their spiritual leader.

If Joe Nothing had done what Kennedy did in his irresponsible days – the days of doing anything he wanted because he could get away with it – Joe Nothing would be in jail the rest of his life for DWI and vehicular homicide.

I would continue with the countless more examples of liberal hypocrisy and double standards, but there is a word limit. Even without the word limit, I’d get sick if I continued.

I must end by clearly stating that members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have done morally corrupt things and both parties are capable of sleaze, corruption, ethical lapses and wrongdoing. The Republican majority in Congress deserved what it got from the voters in 2006 because it became irresponsible with the power it was given by the people. They spent like drunken sailors, let earmarks go uncontrolled, got cozy with lobbyists and became degenerate.

Despite their mistakes, at least they came into Congress and kept their promises of the Contract with America; it took them 12 years to get corrupt. But the Democrats win the congressional majority and promise “the most honest Congress in history,” yet start this promise on a crumbling foundation of liberal hypocrisy and already present ethical decay.

I should not have been surprised when Pelosi’s promise was broken. Her most recent request for an extravagant plane at the taxpayers’ expense and her party’s undermining of American troops are just simple reminders of the ever-recurring theme of the American political story: outrageous liberal hypocrisy!


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