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Reading series highlights young talent

Andrew Kolbenschlag, senior history major, read at the Student Reading Series. (Abby Hocking / Photo Assistant)

By Allie Amendolia

Ink hosted its first Student Reading Series of the semester on Oct. 13, welcoming young writers to introduce their work to their peers.

Freshman English major Jessica Gonzalez read three of her poems, entitled “We Counted the People,” “Resonance” and “On the Outskirts…”

“I get a lot of my inspiration from past experiences and relationships, and I like to use a lot of natural imagery,” Gonzalez said. Virtually all of the poems she presented had some connection to a relationship and/or the environment.

Senior history major Andrew Kolbenschlag read one piece, a short story about an adventure to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The story was both comical and romantic, and also left the audience with a bit of a cliff-hanger at the end.

The final presenter of the evening was sophomore English and special education major Alicia Cuomo, who read two poems and a short story. Introducing Cuomo was her friend, who quickly and simply informed the audience that this was a girl who once “ate seven bowls of cereal in one sitting.”

According to Cuomo small biography included in the audience’s pamphlets, her poems could be about anything from a relationship to what you “might find in your refrigerator,” and that was definitely the case with her first poem, “Milky Way.”

Her second poem, written in prose, was titled “Laminated Photo of Audrey Hepburn,” which took on a much more somber tone than her first piece. To end the night, Alicia read her short story “Henry Putty and Lola,” which was a combination of both Alicia’s humor and her sensitivity.


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