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The scoop on Halo Farm

Pints of Halo Farm ice cream come in a variety of fresh flavors at lovably low prices. (Katie Occhipinti / Columnist)

There are two things that many college students have in common: We shop on a budget and we love ice cream. Whether it’s the sweet deal or sweet treats, Halo Farm, a grocery store gone micro-dairy, is a heavenly gift for College students.

If you have never been to Halo, do not expect to be awed by a state-of-the-art stocking system, high-tech registers or friendly cashiers. On the contrary, it appears that nothing in this place has been updated since it first opened in 1975, and if you get a smile at check out, you’re lucky.

One look through the window on your right upon entering this barn-style establishment and you will see the heart and guts of Halo Farm. The Hershey Park-meets-Willy Wonka display allows you to see the dairy factory that is filling and packaging the milk cartons that are about to be purchased. You’ll feel as if you have been time-warped to an old-school mom-and-pop store where your grandparents may have shopped in a simpler time.

Just like any other successful business, Halo Farm started with an idea. In 1974, Jerry Reilly quit his job as president of a large food company to pursue his idea to eliminate the need for distribution trucks by having a store directly attached to a modern dairy. What he accomplished was reduced prices for consumers (by eliminating transportation fees) and a product that is always fresh and made of top-quality ingredients.

Every bit of dairy sold at Halo Farm comes from a local, small, family-run farm. Reilly’s commitment to reduced prices and a quality, fresh product is what keeps customers coming back for more. College student and Trenton local Keri Washington has been shopping at Halo with her parents for as long as she can remember and now shops there on her own.

“I love their juice and ice cream, but most of all I love the low prices,” said Washington, senior health and exercise science major.

Try Halo ice cream once and you are hooked for life. Every pint is made in small batches and every batch starts off the same way, with good old-fashioned raw milk and raw cream.  The entire ingredient list can be counted on one hand, and none include artificial ingredients, preservatives or fake sugars. They use only the finest fruits and nuts and chocolate, they say, imported straight from Belgium or France. Be prepared to choose from about 10 of their 53 different flavors on any given day. (My favorites include Chocolate Peanut Butter Paradise, Maple Walnut and Pistachio.)

Halo Farm does not stop at ice cream. Small, medium, large and jumbo eggs are not only fresh and locally raised but are the cheapest-priced eggs you will find anywhere. The same goes for the milk and special Halo juices. Other staples on your shopping list can be found there as well, including cheese, yogurt, potato chips and bread, all at an exceptionally low price.

It is no wonder that for many, “Halo” has become synonymous with ice cream. Got some free time one night? Grab some friends and declare it a “Halo Night.” It may sound too good to be true, but this place truly abides by its philosophy, “Local, Natural, Honest.”



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