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‘Versus’ art exhibit explores competition

By Connor Meany

“Versus,” the art exhibition that offers one piece each from eight students in the School of Arts and Communications, opened on Wednesday, Nov. 9. It blends the pieces together into one room with the intention of creating an artistic thought-piece, while also providing a complete sensory experience.

The newly opened exhibit features work from Deanna Arzola, Marisal Finamore, Morgan Gualtieri, Alyssa Herrera, Meg Itoh, Emily LaPersonne, Angela Rossi and Ashley Swiderski.

According to Finamore, a junior art education major, the exhibition is “a grouping of artists that explore the different ways and different forms that ‘versus’ can take.”

Students could visit the art exhibit (Envato Elements).

“Whether it’s you versus yourself, or nature versus man, it’s all different concepts and the way that they play off of each other and what they bring out with each other,” she said.

The contrasting themes are reflected throughout the entire exhibition, as it is impossible to label every piece under one category. Pieces of LaPersonne’s torn out hair placed in labeled plastic bags adorn a full wall, while across the room sits two chairs provided by Herrera, one covered in foam and the other in stones. Somewhere between those two, one can find a reconstructed tree by Arzola, a gorgeous representation of nature versus man-made objects through the use of carved wood, metal screws and plastic leaves.

“When we approached the exhibit, we didn’t plan around each other’s pieces or what each other was doing,” said Rossi, a junior art education major.

Her contribution was to cover half of the floor space with bubble wrap that attendees can walk on as they please.

“Everyone thought of what they were going to do individually, and we put them together at the end,” Rossi said. “The ideas that people chose to focus on are so different and the relationships that everyone chose to highlight fall on such a large spectrum of what ‘Versus’ can be, but now that they’re all in the same room, so much of it makes sense as one piece.”

“Versus” will be on display in room 111 of the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building until Sunday, Nov. 13, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.


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