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World Crêpe Day provides free, tasty treats

By Kareema Vernon
Staff Writer

Eager to indulge in tastier desserts than those served at Eickhoff Hall, students enjoyed delicious crêpes in celebration of World Crêpe Day on Friday, Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. in the Recreation Center.

Many of the students were attracted by the free food at the event, which was hosted by RECreate Your Night.

Hot crêpes were in high demand for the huge turn out. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

Students chose from a wide variety of toppings to complete their crepes, such as vanilla ice cream, Nutella, pineapple pieces and raspberries.

Jennifer Largo, a sophomore early childhood education and biology major said that crêpes were probably one of her favorite breakfast foods.

World Crêpe Day started off smoothly, but the line for crêpes started to get longer and slower. Many students grew weary, some wondering if the crêpes were even worth the wait.

Claire Lowande, the program coordinator of late-night activities, quickly explained to everyone in line that a fuse blew, so some of the waffle irons had to be moved.

“The fuse issue was annoying, but things happen, so we had to find a way to fix it,” said senior elementary education and i-STEM double major Crystal Nzegwu, who helped coordinate the event.

Many students didn’t mind the wait — once they had a chance to try a crêpe, they felt it was well worth the wait.

“Half of the fun is making the crêpe look pretty for Instagram,” said Sumayah Medlin, a junior English major.

Other students weren’t as fond of the treats. Kevyn Teape, a junior marketing major, said that the crêpes were tasty and sweet, but he was disappointed that there were limited options for toppings.

“When life doesn’t give you chocolate toppings for your crêpes, you cry a little on the inside and pretend that Apple slices will be enough,” Teape said.

Some students were more fond of the toppings than the crêpes.

“Honestly, I felt that the ice cream was more enjoyable than the crêpe itself. They were more like dessert tacos,” said Matilda McDougall a freshman English major.

Even for students who were not crêpe fans, the event provided a fun space to socialize and unwind at the end of the week.


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