November 25, 2020

‘The Women of Dolor’ create a space of inclusivity and enlightenment

October 19, 2020 Alexandra Bonano 1

In a time when conversation about women’s rights and minority groups is more pertinent than ever, many are sharing their voices with the world. Trisha Basak and Ambar Grullón, two students from the College, have teamed up to create a podcast titled “Women of Dolor,” which explores their experiences in American society through the eyes of intersectional minorities. […]

TCNJ SUCS hosts open mic night

April 16, 2019 Alexandra Bonano 0

The Traditions lounge, which was bustling with noise and conversation, was filled with an audience that was ready to enjoy a night of laughter at the Stand Up Comedy Society’s Open Mic Night on Friday, April 12 at 8 p.m. […]