Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Jessica Gill

Finding Nemo — and your new best friend

You may have had to leave Fido barking at home, but living on campus doesn't mean you have to be completely pet-free. Options may be limited, but look around and you'll be sure to find a pet that is suitable for campus living. Looking for pets that are inexpensive and fun, many of the College's residents turn to fish, which are easy to maintain.

Visiting Writers Series to host final fiction reading

The Visiting Writers Series (VWS) will host its last writer with a reading by Creative Writing Professor Dan Pope. A former lawyer who went for his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the writer's workshop program at Iowa University, Pope recently published his book, "In The Cherry Tree," before coming to the College to teach upper level creative writing classes.

Letter to the Editor: McCaffrey perpetuates a double standard

To the Editor: Mike McCaffrey tells women, "You deserve so much better than to be treated as an object of pleasure and then be forgotten about." What I'd like to know is why does McCaffrey suggest that only women will feel the emotional impact of a hook up that means nothing more than just that? Why does he himself create a double standard while trying to argue that it is terrible to treat women as hookups? He does not reprimand the men on this campus for continuing their promiscuous behavior, nor does he even mention the psychological ramifications a hook up may have on a young male psyche.

A conversation with visiting writer and creative writing professor Amy Benson

The Visiting Writers Series, which brings up-and-coming and reputable authors to the College, is getting ready for another event, but this time with Amy Benson, an adjuct professor of the College's creative writing department. She comes to the College fresh after publishing her first novel only months ago, a memoir entitled "The Sparkling-Eyed Boy."

Amnesty holds vigil for victims

Where does one go to report a missing loved one in Juarez, Mexico? One can't, and doesn't, as Amnesty International (AI) shared with students at its Candlelight vigil last Monday. "According to information received by Amnesty International, in the last 10 years, approximately 370 women have been murdered, at least 137 of which were sexually assaulted prior to death," AI President, Kevin Semanick, senior finance and statistics major, said.

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