Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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First-generation student receives acceptance to the College

Tears welled up in his eyes as he learned of his acceptance to his dream school. The College’s big envelope and blue and gold pennant awaited him with a surprise in the principal’s office of his high school. Through illness in the family, his mom’s loss of employment and eventual homelessness, his acceptance letter unfolded a story of victory amidst his life’s challenges.

Muha reveals new admissions pamphlet to SG

Student Government met with College Spokesman David Muha and recognized one student organization during its general body meeting on Nov. 14.

Higher education admissions ignore intersectionality

We all lead nuanced lives with incredible variation, and discrimination often arises when individuals ignore these nuances. Instead of recognizing the array of values, strengths and beliefs that constitute a person, bigots choose to characterize individuals based on a limited set of variables.

Peaceful protest participants welcome at College

The College’s Office of Admissions announced its decision on Feb. 26 to not allow disciplinary consequences imposed on any applicant who participates in a peaceful protest while they are in high school affect their acceptance to the College.

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