Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Softball continues hot streak, wins twice

By Michael Battista Sports Assistant After an impressive display in Florida two weeks ago, the softball team finally had another chance to play on Sunday, March...

Charles Blow on race and policing

Charles Blow, visual op-ed columnist for the New York Times and author of “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” questioned the sources and extent of systemic discrimination.

Religious freedom boundaries pushed too far: New law discriminates against LGBTQ community

In lieu of several states recently passing “religious freedom” laws, the question of discrimination and individual beliefs have become increasingly entangled.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon under fire after racist chants

By Candace Kellner Staff Writer The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has faced a firestorm of national attention after a video surfaced in which members from a...

Local bands impress during Rat competition

By Kimberly Ilkowski Features Editor Four local bands left it all on the stage at CUBRat and WTSR’s annual Battle of the Bands competition held in...

Trenton Computer Festival in its 40th year

By Jillian Festa Staff Writer       As part of the Trenton Computer Festival, the Sarnoff Collection in Roscoe West held a 3D printing demonstration...

Circle K wins big, secures seven awards

Circle K walks away from the 51st Annual District Convention Awards Ceremony with top honors.

Popping tags while raising funds

WILL and FYE open the campus's first thrift shop in order to raise funds through the "Be the Change" program.

Library’s function not an open book

While the Library is home to almost 600,000 books, startling statistics suggest they're not being used. This begs the question: What is the Library being used for?

Graffiti beautifies struggling communities

A past student from the College and a Trenton native, Will "Kasso" Condry gave a presentation at the School of Arts and Communication’s weekly Brown Bag Series on Friday, March 28, at the Mayo Concert Hall. He addressed what efforts he and his crew, the S.A.G.E Coalition, are doing to embellish and connect urban cities through graffiti artwork.

Politicians motivated by ‘something human’

By Mike Herold Fantasy Sports Editor Politics suck. Yeah, I’ll say that up front — they are messy, oftentimes brutal conflicts between conflicting viewpoints and goals,...

A film festival by, for and about women

Lunafest shares short-films by, for and about women.

Northwestern lawsuit a watershed moment

This past week, we witnessed a monumental moment in the history of college athletics: the Northwestern Football Team won their case in the Chicago...

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