Sunday, January 24, 2021
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‘Order Out of Chaos’: An interview with George Saunders

"Everything I do and see, I hope, eventually gets into the stories, albeit, you know – reformatted. I imagine I have this big vat over my head and everything I read and watch and observe in the world goes in there and then I forget about it, but it’s directly feeding the subconscious so that it’s ready to come into a story."

Visiting author divulges his creative writing process

Students gathered eagerly to listen to advice from an accomplished writer, a career path that most of the audience members aspired to pursue, as he read excerpts from his published works and divulged on the creative process that has lead to his success in fiction writing.

Community Learning Day speakers discuss injustices within healthcare system

A patient with a mouth full of rotting teeth walked through the doors of St. Vincent’s Hospital, a student-run, free clinic in Galveston, Texas. The patient needed her teeth pulled, but dentures cost thousands of dollars, which she could not afford. The patient was at a standstill.
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