Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Entertainers, it’s not a sin to use your voices

The influence of “celebrities,” whether they are musicians or actors, has been compounded by the constantly growing prevalence of social media. And that influence has become as contentious as the environment in America at this moment — an environment where many people seem to be split along political lines. 

What We’re Watching on Netflix: ‘Always Be My Maybe’

“Always Be My Maybe” is a heartwarming film full of romantic drama focusing on the long and complex relationship between Marcus (Randall Park) and Sasha (Ali Wong).

‘2018 Grammys trips over red carpet’

The biggest night in music, better known as the Grammy Awards, aired live on Jan. 28 from New York City, and proved to be another misfortunate evening. A lack of diversity remained within this year’s selection of winners. Since 2017, the award show’s ratings have dropped tremendously for a few reasons.

Commencement should feature outside speakers

Why is it that the College, which has a reputation for being one of the best public schools in the country, will not ask one of its more prominent graduates to come and talk during graduation?

Celebritease: Stars shine at Coachella

You may be too busy binge-watching “13 Reasons Why,” but you should take a moment to remember that the real world is still happening around you. For our favorite celebrities, however, real life may seem pretty unrealistic.

Celebritease: Stars take home awards at Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel took to humor on Sunday, Feb. 26, to keep the 89th annual Oscar Awards moving, despite going over its allotted run time.

Celebritease: Mary Tyler Moore leaves legacy

On Friday, Jan. 27, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that will temporarily ban refugees, indefinitely ban Syrian refugees and temporarily ban citizens from several Muslim countries from entering the U.S., according to The New York Times.

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