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RecWell hosts Football Combine, other in-person events

By Elliott Nguyen
Opinions Editor

The College’s Department of Recreation and Wellness hosted a Football Combine tournament on Wednesday, April 28. The event, which was held from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Lions Stadium, marks a continued increase in in-person events on campus.

The event included various American football and athletic-related competitions such as a 20-yard sprint, a punting contest, a throwing contest, a field goal contest and others, according to a post on the department’s Instagram page.

The tournament is just one of many that the department, dubbed “RecWell,” has hosted this semester as a limited on-campus presence and gradually improved Covid-19 situation has allowed some expansion of in-person activities.

On-campus events are slowly making a return as the semester wraps up (Darby Van De Veen / Photo Editor).

Other in-person sports-related events the department has hosted included a spikeball tournament on April 7, a badminton tournament on April 21 and disc golf on April 24 among others. Most events were held at the College’s tennis courts, though the disc golf activity was held at the Green Lane fields.

“It was a great time to compete and enjoy the tournament with some friends,” said Quinn Burns, a freshman health and exercise major who won the spikeball tournament. “There weren’t a ton of people, but it was a good-sized group to get a lot of games in.”

He said that the participants varied greatly in their skill level, but they were all enjoying themselves.

To register for these events, students had to sign up beforehand through the Atleto app, which the school has also been using to coordinate practices for its club sports. Additionally, students were required to present their green health pass on the ROAR app, a testing card from Decker Hall’s Covid-19 testing – unless exempted by Health Services – and their College ID card upon entry. All participants had their temperature taken and had to have a temperature below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to participate.

“I would attend another event like that because I want to compete and win more tournaments,” Burns said.

In addition to the in-person sports events, the department has also hosted other activities in April starting with Pictionary on April 16,  Disney Channel movie trivia on April 23 and “Asian Snack Bingo” on April 30. 

With the College slated to return to completely in-person operation next semester, these events will likely continue, though it remains to be seen what safety measures will be in place.


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