Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jenny Marcinkowski

Biden designates zone in NJ & NY waters for offshore wind farm

President Biden highlighted parts of his energy-efficient infrastructure plan in his joint address to Congress on April 28. Much of his agenda focused on creating jobs while addressing the issue of climate change.

FDA lifts hold on Johnson & Johnson vaccine, annual Covid-19 booster shots seem likely

The U.S. has distributed over 200 million vaccines to adults, surpassing President Biden’s pledge to have 100 million doses distributed in the first 100 days. Currently, there are three vaccines for distribution: Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The FDA lifted the hold on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 24, however, the vaccine will now come with a warning about the blood clots.

The College plans on-campus vaccine event for April 26

The College will be providing 300 Covid-19 vaccines for students, faculty, staff, alumni and family members on campus on April 26, according to an email from Janice Vermeychuk, Director of Student Health Services. This is in partnership with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, which also provides Covid-19 testing in the Decker Social Space.

Team Zero wins $30,000 in Mayo Business Plan Competition

The Mayo Business Plan Competition, held virtually for the second year in a row, concluded its final round on March 31. Teams competed against each other at a chance of winning $30,000 for their business plan.

CDC changes social distancing guidelines for K-12 schools to 3 feet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed its social distancing guidelines for grades K through 12 on March 19. This comes after the CDC released studies showing that three feet distancing was equally as effective as six feet distancing. Masks continue to be mandatory and adults still have to abide by the 6 feet recommendation between each other and students.

Covid-19 relief bill: what it means for you

President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act yesterday, granting more Covid-19 relief to Americans struggling financially. Unlike previous Covid-19 relief bills, college students and dependents ages 17 to 24 may qualify for $1,400 stimulus checks.

Students and faculty react to Trump’s second impeachment acquittal

Following former president Donald Trump’s acquittal of inciting an insurrection on Feb. 13, students are feeling the aftershock of his divisive presidency and concerned for the future of political discourse, level headedness and civility.

Contact tracing leaves multiple students in quarantine after false positive test for Covid-19

A few days into the spring semester, a student was sent into isolation after testing positive for Covid-19. Five days later on Feb. 8, he and roughly ten other students he identified as close contacts were able to return to their dorms after finding out his test was a false positive. 

Students get hands-on experience at on-campus Covid testing site

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, students at the College have been volunteering at health departments and community-based organizations, most recently at the College’s testing site located in Decker Hall. The staff, which includes 21 student interns and EMTs, are among those helping run the school’s weekly testing program.

Larry King, “Larry King Live,” dead at 87

King was a staple across American households and was known for his direct, yet non-confrontational approach to interviewing. He often came with little preparation as he wanted the interview to feel like it is coming from the audience’s perspective. His trademark suspenders and slicked-back hair gave King a memorable appearance.

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