Friday, May 7, 2021
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Senior fine arts majors impress at LOUD exhibit

Twelve senior fine arts majors spearheaded the grand opening of their senior showcase, LOUD, on Saturday, May 4 at 1 p.m, displaying their self-designed projects that they have been working on since January.

Play honors Women’s History Month

Feminism and female empowerment has become a contemporary theme in politics and society. Some artists have also adapted these themes into their works –– and plays in particular –– in order to share certain perspectives on these issues through a fresh medium.

Violence against women should not be normalized

Ladies, what do you do on those walks back to your dorm in the dark after a late class? Personally,  I call my mom. I wish I could say that it’s only because I miss her, which I do, but there is another unfortunate reason.

Radical religious group occupies Alumni Grove, students resist

Waving gay and transgender pride flags, handmade signs, and for some women, their own shirts, students rallied together to show representatives from the conservative religious group Bible Believers that the College community will not tolerate hateful speech.

More women belong in the workplace

In light of recent sexual assault allegations against many prominent male businessmen like Harvey Weinstein, women are more frequently speaking up against gendered injustice. While men continue to make up the majority of employees in leadership roles in industries like finance and technology, women are making big leaps to change the system that has left them disadvantaged.

Students shed light on feminist movement

Feminism — a pressing issue in today’s society that affects all people, young and old, student and faculty, male and female.

Netflix series puts new twist on ’80s classic

Netflix’s latest original series, “GLOW”, an acronym for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is a scripted behind--the-scenes of a preexisting ’80s show, of the same title, that was the first to feature all female wrestlers.

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