Monday, August 2, 2021

Michelle Lampariello

tcnj_memes provides comedic outlet

Students voiced their concerns about things like construction, bureaucracy and less-than-stellar dining options long before social media paved the way for jokes to be rapidly shared with wide audiences. Reddit threads, Facebook groups and now-defunct YikYak channels have all served as platforms for students to make fun of life at the College, but in the past year, a new, more memorable space has emerged: tcnj_memes.

People should unite against climate change

Ask anyone who attended one of the many worldwide climate strikes what needs to be done to meet their demands, and they’ll likely call for widespread top-down change. While I personally have not crunched the numbers on global greenhouse gas emissions or rising sea levels, I see merit in their argument that we need to make large-scale changes.

Community responds to Trenton water quality report

Kate McKinley (’11) does not trust her tap water. She triple filters her drinking water and uses another filter on her showerheads. McKinley, an Ewing resident who was also in the running for town council last fall, started losing faith in Trenton Water Works’

Alumni entrepreneurs appear on ‘Shark Tank’

When alumni Kevin Gabauer and Tom Armenti (’09) were students at the College, they never expected that they would one day stand before a line of sharks in the most important discussion of their professional lives.

College changes placement test policies

For some members of the College’s Class of 2023, there is a new item on the list of tasks they must complete before their first day of classes.

Provost announces community engagement interim director

The College announced the appointment of a new interim director for community engagement in a campus-wide email on March 1.

Alumni offer advice to pre-law students

Students seeking careers in law were advised of key moves, educational opportunities and important skills to build by alumni who once stood in their shoes at the TCNJ Law Panel, hosted by the College’s Pre-Law Advisory Committee, the Pre-Law Society and the Career Center.

College tackles food insecurities

As part of an effort to combat food insecurity on campus, a new food pantry in Campus Town will provide essential food and personal care items to students and local community members in need of resources.

Candlelight vigil honors crash victims

The campus community continued to demonstrate its power to bond together in times of tragedy during a candlelight vigil to honor the memory of Michael Sot and to support the recoveries of Ryan Moore, Anthony Galante, Danielle DeFlores, Matthew DeGenova and Moore’s girlfriend Jenna Passero in Kendall Hall Mainstage Theater on Wednesday, Dec. 12.  

Achievements don’t equate to happiness

In most ways, my desire to succeed is identical to that of the majority of my classmates — I fill my breaks from classes with internships, I’m active in a student organization and I work hard in my classes.

Driver charged with vehicular homicide, held in Mercer County Correction Center

Prosecutors have filed a detention motion against the man charged with assault and vehicular homicide in the aftermath of a car crash that prosecutors say killed 20-year-old Michael Sot, who was acting as a designated driver and operating the other vehicle involved in the crash, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office.

Student dies two days after sustaining critical injuries in head-on collision

Michael Sot, a 20-year-old sophomore math major from Clark, New Jersey, died on Tuesday, Dec. 4 from injuries he sustained in a head-on collision in the early morning hours of Sunday, Dec. 2.

West Windsor man charged with assault by auto after crash that severely injured five students

David Lamar V, a 22-year-old man from West Windsor, New Jersey has been charged with seven counts of second-degree assault by auto following the collision early Sunday morning that seriously injured eight people, including five students.

College hosts vigil for car crash victims

Hundreds of campus community members gathered to support one another as the five students remain in critical condition.

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