Monday, July 26, 2021

Elizabeth Zakaim

Community responds to Trenton water quality report

Kate McKinley (’11) does not trust her tap water. She triple filters her drinking water and uses another filter on her showerheads. McKinley, an Ewing resident who was also in the running for town council last fall, started losing faith in Trenton Water Works’

College unites to overcome hardships

It’s been a tumultuous year. As a campus, we’ve dealt with at least three incidents of racial bias, four student deaths, radical protestors and a controversy surrounding our school’s president.

Foster addresses campus controversies

As the College begins its recovery process from a rather tumultuous year, The Signal sat down with College President Kathryn Foster to assess how she has been processing her first year so far and what her hopes are for the rest of the semester.

Community fights against walking dead

Ragnarok is upon us. Or at least it was on Saturday, April 13 during TCNJ Manhunt’s annual day-long Humans vs. Zombies event. The club’s members, comprised of students, alumni and the local community, could be seen armed

WSTR New Noise

This week, WTSR’s Music Director Brian Marino highlights some of the best new music that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Campus community grieves another student loss

On the morning of Feb. 25, President Kathryn Foster emailed the College to report the death of a student.

Vagina Monologues empower female students

The glowing “V” emanated from the projector on center-stage as crowds of students filled the seats of Mayo Concert Hall. The actors performing in the production sat on the risers and waited to deliver their monologues

Recital Series showcases student talent

Even through the most frigid weather conditions, the show must go on — and it did on Feb. 12 for the Tuesday Afternoon Recital Series in Mayo Concert Hall. Four students performed

Foster responds to backlash over UMF controversy

Tension, anguish and raw emotion surrounded the circle of students and administrators as they watched the College’s president slowly break down in tears.

College counters racial intolerance

In light of the recent racial incidents that have occurred on campus, the administration has addressed feedback and questions from the community regarding what actions will be taken to better manage any future instances of racism and discrimination.

College mourns loss of former Sodexo employee

Yvette “Eve” Cruz, a dearly remembered employee, has died at age 44 on Dec 14. While the cause of death remains unconfirmed, the former Sodexo cashier at Eickhoff Hall was known by members of the campus community as “the boss of all bosses.”   

Racial tensions build on campus

Within the past month, one student on campus was called various racial slurs from the third floor of Wolfe Hall and a building services employee encountered a racial slur while cleaning the Interactive Multimedia Building.

Campus-wide forum addresses incidents of racial bias

As a response to the recent incidents of racism at the College, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and Student Government hosted a panel titled, ‘I Am TCNJ’ at noon on Nov. 28 in Kendall Hall to address concerns about inclusivity on campus.

College continues to address racism

One week after an incident of racism occurred outside a residence hall, the campus community continues to question what can be done to develop a more inclusive atmosphere on campus.

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