Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Eve Cruz: Beloved Eick worker

By Julie Kayzerman Managing Editor  When Eve Cruz opened a card from one of her "kids," she cried. "Eve, I don't even come to Eick for the...

Women strive for equal representation in theater

Hollywood has classically been a man’s game from the beginning, but take a jump to the East Coast and land on Broadway, and you won’t notice much of a difference here. In fact, theater in general still has a long way to go in giving equal representation (and power) to women.

Alternative Break Club hits the road

While some students spent time with family over break, others found a new one while driving across the country, building houses for Hurricane Katrina victims or giving ill children an unforgettable experience.

College implements policy regarding ‘the wall’

The Green Lawn Wall — the College community message board located outside the Brower Student Center — was created as a means for campus organizations to raise awareness for current issues or events in a creative, interactive fashion. The most recent display, a “Black Lives Matter” mural, was painted anonymously in response to the controversial grand jury outcomes in Ferguson, Mo. and Staten Island, Ny. The wall included paintings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and other African Americans who were killed in controversial altercations.

New Year’s resolutions prove too difficult to keep

Every year come December, wish lists are often made of goals to accomplish for the following year. People make promises to “do better” and “be better,” while telling themselves when the new year hits that it’s game on.

An updated T-Dubs is back in business

After a nearly eight-month shutdown due to repairs, T-Dubs is back and better than ever.

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