October 29, 2020

Activities funding facing major cuts

May 2, 2017 Chelsea LoCascio 0

During the Spring 2016 semester, the College’s Vice President for Student Affairs Amy Hecht proposed to remove up to 15 percent, or about $240,000, of the SAF budget every year to hire new staff during both this semester and the next fiscal year. […]

Students stand by refugees in crisis

February 7, 2017 Chelsea LoCascio 0

When President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Jan. 27 that suspended immigration and restricted entry into the U.S. for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, it hit people like Abrar Ebady “like a ton of bricks.” […]

Loser’s past causes campus clamor

December 6, 2016 Chelsea LoCascio 0

A team of six students recently unveiled their semester-long research into the history of Paul Loser, during which they uncovered documents that indicate the Trenton superintendent of schools from 1932 to 1955 actively opposed the desegregation of the region’s schools. In the wake of the emergence of the documents, a newly formed group called the TCNJ Committee on Unity has spearheaded a campaign to change the name of Paul Loser Hall. […]

Professors are underutilized and undervalued resources

October 4, 2016 Chelsea LoCascio 1

They are writers, researcher or speakers. They are friends of people you want to be acquainted with, or they are who you want to become. These people, the ones standing at the front of your classrooms, happily wait to bestow their real-world knowledge upon you — a bleary-eyed student counting down the minutes until you’re back in bed. […]

Student evaluations examined

May 4, 2016 Chelsea LoCascio 0

Each semester, students are asked to fill out an Online Student Feedback on Teaching evaluation for every course they take. This semester is no different, as some of the undergraduate students at the College can complete them at anytime from Monday, April 25, to Friday, May 6, in PAWS, according to the Office of Records and Registration’s Website. […]

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