Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chelsea LoCascio

Race is still a necessary conversation for Americans

By Chelsea LoCascio News Editor In 2016, we still consider race a significant and telling definition of one’s character. Despite years of learning how race scientifically...

Phi Alpha Theta attends Biennial Convention in Orlando

Eight members of the history honor society Phi Alpha Theta (PAT) attended the Biennial Convention at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Hotel in Orlando, Fla., from Wednesday, Jan. 6, to Sunday, Jan. 10.

Campus Town transforms over break

As students were finishing their finals, packing up and returning home last semester, Verizon Wireless was opening its doors to the public. Since then, Campus Town as a whole has made a few more changes.

Faculty and staff promote awareness through solidarity walk

Professors walked out of their respective buildings and congregated under the gray afternoon sky, with the intention of shedding some light on a not-so black-and-white issue. Faculty and staff, from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences to the Office of Student Accounts, got together to show that they will not stay silent while facing conditions that come with being an employee at the mercy of the state government.

Being PC: necessary for a diverse society

American citizens have engaged in a heated civil war over speech. The divide between the two sides continues to widen as they argue over being politically correct (PC).

Starbucks starts frenzy over new holiday cups

Starbucks stole Christmas this year. The coffee company has changed its famous Christmas cups to just plain red. According to, Starbucks’ holiday cups aren’t just red, but an ombré that starts with a bright red that fades into a darker cranberry. As if this makes anything different, but, according to Starbucks, it does.

‘Full house’ for Coulier

By Chelsea LoCascio Opinions Editor Some students were left behind as others pushed their way to the front of the line and into the Mayo Concert...

The Signal asks… What woman should be on the $10 bill?

“Ellen DeGeneres because of what she does for people… She uses her platform for a good cause.”

The Signal asks… How do you feel about the Wi-Fi on campus?

“I think it’s way too spotty. The (not having) Wi-Fi in the towers thing is a problem.”

College kids cannot eat a balanced diet

A college student’s fridge is a carb and sugar wasteland of frozen pizzas, leftover Chinese food and ice cream. If you’re lucky, you might find a half-rotten apple behind the case of beer.

The Signal asks… Should the sidewalk around the loop be completed?

“I run around it a lot. Not that I need a sidewalk, (but) I think it would be beneficial.”

The Signal asks… What is the best part of Halloween?

“I like decorating for it and dressing up. I like the decorations people (put up) around their houses.”

The Signal asks… Are genetically modified foods harmful to consume?

“There’s so many more hormones in the food we eat. Since it is genetically modified, you’d (assume) that it’s worse for you.”

Tuition cost: Where it’s really going

Lofty loans. Government grants. Searching for scholarships. Many students had to seek several alternatives to money in order to attend the College this fall. In just the first semester, many freshmen already find themselves in the hole a hefty sum, yet do they really know for what they are taking the money out?

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