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Staying engaged with what you write: an interview with surrealist writer Aimee Bender

Over the years, author Aimee Bender has proven time and time again that she’s able to bridge the mundane with the surreal in her work. Her writing has shown clearly her creative abilities to explore the absurdities of the modern world, focusing especially on individuals’ relationships among family and friends.

WTSR director Julia Landi follows up her debut single with four-song EP

DIY Musician of the alternative band Pourover, Julia Landi uses dreams as inspiration for her stream-of-conscious-styled lyricism on “Watnong Drive,” her latest solo release. 

‘Keeping your foot on the pedal’: A.M. Homes outlines her career in writing

Known for her strange, sometimes controversial work, author A.M. Homes has been praised for her originality and unconventional style when it comes to writing. Her work, which has been characterized as surreal, postmodern and darkly humorous, has been known for exploring the inner psyches of often troubled characters in dire situations, including confrontations with their own sexualities and the darker aspects of their personalities.

‘Drive Anywhere’ is the sunshine pop song created by your peers

A college student nearing finals knows the feeling — books everywhere, papers lined up by professors, tests nearing closer  — but with summer on the horizon, things may start looking hopeful. To give anyone a break during these next long couple of weeks, students can check out a new cheerful song released by two students at the College.

Embracing the unconventional in literature: an interview with experimental writer Ben Marcus

Few names are as recognizable in experimental literature as Ben Marcus. His numerous short stories and novels have been described equally as surreal, satirical, comical, absurd, meta, dystopic, postmodern, but above all else: entertaining and unique. Marcus’s work transports readers to vivid, oppressive, often terrifying worlds full of lyrical language and a one-of-a-kind writing style.

Creating art from anywhere: College alumnus shares creative perspective

Tyler Fugazzie is unlike any artist you’ve ever heard of.  In many ways, the title “artist” might not do Fugazzie justice. His work and creative interests span a wide range of artistic frameworks and styles, from visual design, creative writing, poetry, music and photography, just to name a few.

A new mode of teaching: College music professor shares how his curriculum has changed with the pandemic

There has been no shortage of industries that have found themselves unable to change with the times as a result of Covid-19.

Sophomore art education major featured on Nickelodeon

When Nickelodeon producers reached out to sophomore Mia Tomasino with an offer to have her work featured on TV, she knew it was an opportunity she could not pass up.

A green guitar and a passion for music, student Julia Landi shares her love for songwriting

A green guitar and a microphone is all you need. It might help to have a favorite spot where you live where you feel most comfortable recording and just making music. This is what one rising song writer does after being featured on WSTR, the College’s radio station.

A likely pairing — Campus Police and Criminology Club

Campus Police Chief Timothy Grant wanted to create a criminology club for those attending the College, although to his surprise, one was already in existence. Students hoping to work in law enforcement, surveillance, judicial practice and forensic science started the group years ago.

Coach’s Corner: College football’s Casey Goff

Football teams are organizations full of moving parts: a stampede of players, a long list of personnel — at the top lies the head coach. A head coach in any sport must be a strong leader with years of experience to help their organization play to the best of their ability. At the head of the College’s Football program is Coach Casey Goff.

‘Music is a group activity’: an interview with College student musician Dylan Lembo

Dylan Lembo is a jack of all trades when it comes to musical instruments.

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