Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Americans should welcome all refugees

“The glistening bright sun had just peeped out of the horizon and birds chirped in exuberance when all of a sudden I heard the vociferous piercing sound of bullets. Fear was flashing as fast as lightning in my veins and there was absolutely no time to think about anything but to flee from our hometown Lahore and escape death.

Syrian refugees seek safety in the US

Before the end of his term as Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie told former President Barack Obama that the state would no longer accept any more refugees from Syria. Christie’s reasoning was that these refugees will bring “unacceptable peril” to New Jersey and U.S. citizens. But the dangerous people that many Americans fear will sneak into the U.S. are the same people these refugees are fleeing from.

Syria still unchanged after calls for development

Has the 2015 death of the son of a Syrian refugee family acted as a catalyst for change and aid toward the Syrian crisis?

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