Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Tag: science fiction

‘Weird City’ can be too weird

The new science-fiction comedy series, “Weird City,” premiered on Feb. 13 on YouTube Red, with the first two of six episodes free without a subscription. The show was created by Charlie Sanders and Oscar-winner Jordan Peele

New film lets viewers decide ending

Choose-your-own-adventure stories are a treasured part of many childhoods across the globe. Winding paths that lead anywere, depending on readers’ choices, can now entice and amaze viewers of all ages.

Brand New hits hard with ‘Science Fiction’

I had given up hope years ago that Brand New would ever release a new album again. The indie/emo rock band enjoyed moderate success and developed a strong cult fan base throughout the 2000s when it released four albums that each took the group’s music in a different direction. After the mixed reception of its last album in 2009, “Daisy,” the band stuck to touring and avoided answering questions about future material.

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