Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nicole Zamlout

YouTuber returns from hiatus with provocative film

The release of “Model Citizen,” a short film that was posted on the YouTube channel Dead Sound on Jan. 10, seems to be a sign that 2-D animation is coming back after a long hiatus.

Strings recital plucks new melodies

Music sprang proudly through Mayo Concert Hall at the College’s Strings Recital which featured the College’s Guitar Ensemble on Thursday, April 18 at 8 p.m. The TCNJ Strings

CUB Alt show attracts rock ‘n’ roll fans

Music junkies raided Brower Student Center Room 225 and rocked out to a night of live music on March 5 at 8 p.m. Cub Alt’s lineup featured three bands — Teenage Halloween, Lunar Vacation and Charly Bliss. Each contributed a distinct sound, image and tone for the audience to enjoy.

NAACP advocates for minorities

With over 150 clubs and organizations, there are many opportunities for students at the College to become involved on campus and within their community. The College’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, an organization many do not even know exists, provides a community for many students of color on campus.

Students should be eager to join Greek life

As recruitment continues onward in all its glorious chaos, the question I am told to keep in mind is simply this –– why did I join Greek life in the first place?

‘Green Book’ breaks racial barriers

Nowadays, hatred seems to be a theme in our country. Controversial ideas that we thought were gone after the Civil Rights Movement seem to be emerging again.

New film lets viewers decide ending

Choose-your-own-adventure stories are a treasured part of many childhoods across the globe. Winding paths that lead anywere, depending on readers’ choices, can now entice and amaze viewers of all ages.

College’s orchestra performs timeless classic

The orchestra started the concert with “Pelléas et Mélisande, Suite for Orchestra op.80” by Gabriel Faure, a successor of Beethoven. The piece began lively and almost spring-like, a welcome diversion from the bitter cold weather of these last few weeks. Its rhythm and tone was quite similar to Antonio Vivaldi’s “La Stravaganza” or Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee.” The tone shifted by the end of the piece, though, and the mood became quite melancholic and somber.

Students protest Kavanaugh

Armed with colorful posters and an array of chants and demands, students gathered to protest against the Senate hearings regarding allegations of sexual assault against then-Supreme Court Judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has since been confirmed, on Oct. 3 in Alumni Grove.

How to heal after heartbreak

People have been experiencing broken hearts ever since the concept of love was born – it hurts, it makes you cry and it sucks the energy out of you, but you can heal.

Panic! answers fans’ prayers in ‘Pray For the Wicked’

This album is doing what many others struggle to do –– have a song that the fans can relate to without becoming a collection of cacophonic songs that never build into a cohesive unit.

‘Trump: An American Dream’ highlights life story

President Donald Trump is a controversial figure — his name invokes a range of powerful emotions in different people, from anger to joy. What is not as well known is how exactly Trump came to be the man we know today.

‘Black Mirror’ lightens up in newest season

The Netflix original series “Black Mirror” is known for incorporating themes of technology in episodes to demonstrate how damaging it can be for humanity, or how powerful social media can be.

‘Tell Me You Love Me’ shares Lovato’s emotional story

Demi Lovato’s new album “Tell Me You Love Me” is a stunning, beautiful and moving journey, where we get to understand Lovato’s path through love and acceptance.

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