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‘Tell Me You Love Me’ shares Lovato’s emotional story

By Nicole Zamlout
Staff Writer

Demi Lovato’s new album “Tell Me You Love Me” is a stunning, beautiful and moving journey, where we get to understand Lovato’s path through love and acceptance.

The songs in the album start out as rocking power ballads that make you want to scream their lyrics –– they’re a great pick-me-up on days you’re not feeling your best, with her hit “Sorry Not Sorry” being the most empowering.

As the album goes on, the songs become softer, slower and more about love from various perspectives. In both “Concentrate” and “Hitchhiker” Lovato sings about her admiration for a mysterious lover. Other songs are heartbreaking stories of love lost or sensual stories of new romance blooming, such as “Ruin the Friendship” and “Daddy Issues.” Her themes are poetic and relatable –– on your way to finding love, you’re bound to run into roadblocks.

Demi Lovato’s new album “Tell Me You Love Me” is a stunning, beautiful and moving journey, where we get to understand Lovato’s path through love and acceptance (envato elements).

Every note Lovato hits has meaning and holds such strong emotion you can’t help but be amazed. Her vocal prowess has certainly evolved and improved. The fact that she is willing to put herself out there with her raw singing is quite inspiring. This album is her cry. She’s telling her listeners that she’s been through a lot in her life so far, but she has found heartbreak and love along the way.

 The music and rhythm behind her stunning vocals help emphasize the messages she talks about as the album goes on. “Sorry Not Sorry” is a hardcore rock song with a twist of techno that sends the message of her power and independence –– she’s a strong, independent woman. “Sexy Dirty Love” still carries a hard rock theme, though with a more sensual touch. The song shows Lovato’s desire for an unknown lover, who remains a mysterious character throughout the album.

“Lonely” soon brings back the soft and introspective sound. While the song addresses an unhealthy relationship with an unsatisfying partner, the music moves the story along with an entrancing rhythm. The versatility of her musical style, from her spunky techno beats to her vulnerable ballads, not only shows Lovato’s experimentation as an artist, but it reflects her personal ups and downs as well.

Lovato’s journey was full of hardships and heartbreak. The fact that she put it out there at all is quite a feat, and it came out as an incredible album with songs you can scream and relate to. I am happy she continues to be so brave, put herself out there, and show us how important it is to accept that we are all human. We have stories that are messy and blurry, with regrets that speckle the way. We all deserve to be heard.


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