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How to heal after heartbreak

By Nicole Zamlout
Reviews Editor

People have been experiencing broken hearts ever since the concept of love was born – it hurts, it makes you cry and it sucks the energy out of you, but you can heal. Many have lent their expertise on how to heal from heartbreak, and here are some tips that have helped me in the past.

Talking about what happened with your friends can help you alleviate the strain of a heavy heart. Friends can perk you up with jokes and heartfelt chats that also help distract you from your ruminating. Let them treat you to something fun, like dinner, a night out or anything that gets you out of the house.

Speaking of treating yourself, get all the ice cream and sweet treats of your choice. Chow down, then repeat. That’s it. You deserve something to sweeten the pain. It will give you something to pick you up during the first hard days, and even after they have passed, a good snack can give you something to look forward to on days where you’re almost too emotional to function.

Comfort food is just as satisfying as comfort TV –– watch some of your favorite shows or movies. Whether it’s the second or 50th time you’re snuggling up to watch, it never fails to whisk you away to a world of characters with their own stories and drama. A good romantic comedy will always have you laughing at the crazy predicaments in which the characters find themselves.

Once you’re past distractions, it’s time to get your life together. Focusing your energy on productive tasks will help you not only take your mind off of things, but it will also help you boost your self esteem.

These tips have worked for me, and I hope they work for you. Just remember that while it may hurt now, it will get better. You’ll wake up one day with a new perspective, surrounded by people who love you. You will survive this. Good luck.


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