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Panic! answers fans’ prayers in ‘Pray For the Wicked’

By: Nicole Zamlout
Reviews Editor

Their music makes you want to get up and shout, and their lyrics are unforgettable. Brendon Urie is a powerhouse of a singer and can hit notes that other tenors envy. So, when Panic! At the Disco’s new album dropped on June 22, many fans were extremely excited to see the revival of such a beloved band.

Not only was the album full of catchy hits such as “High Hopes” and “Roaring 20s,” it was also filled with tender tracks like “Dying in LA,” which was similar to a song Urie’s mother used to sing to him as a child. The varying tone helps the album transition well between tracks. The juxtaposition between the quiet songs, upbeat songs and others in between work well with this band’s sound and reputation.

What makes the album truly special is that, no matter what mood you’re in, the album has a song you can crank up and sing aloud to. Songs such as “High Hopes,” “Dancing’s Not a Crime” and “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” help make a bad day better. Other songs like “Dying in LA,” “King of the Clouds” and “The Overpass” are songs that make you think or that pair well with a long relaxing car ride. Lastly, songs like “Hey Look Ma I Made It”, “(F*** A) Silver Lining” and “One of the Drunks” are just what you need when you are in a mood for a song that makes you laugh.

This album is doing what many others struggle to do –– have a song that the fans can relate to without becoming a collection of cacophonic songs that never build into a cohesive unit. Even though this band is the epitome of unpredictability, it lets listeners have a song for every mood they’ve ever felt.

Underneath its lighthearted tone, the album’s message is a deep one. Urie showers his listeners with confidence and talks about the subjectivity behind people’s perception of success. He assures us that we can trust ourselves more and follow our own vision. He manages to convey that with music that moves you and extraordinary vocals.

Fans have been waiting for a while for an album like this, and Brendon Urie has answered our prayers in incredible and usual fashion –– with mind boggling high notes, flair and passion.  


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