Saturday, April 17, 2021
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“The Umbrella Academy” returns to fight a new doomsday

In a time where it seems like the world could be ending any day now, the second season of “The Umbrella Academy” couldn’t have hit Netflix at a better time. The live-action adaptation of the 2016 graphic novel by My Chemical Romance lead singer, Gerard Way, returned July 31, throwing returning fans and newcomers into a binging frenzy.

Students perform original standup routines

Nick Zelte, a sophomore biology major, lumbered onto the Traditions stage in his Boston College sweatshirt ready to crack a few jokes about his narcolepsy, his mother and the Lifetime television channel known for its cliche soap operas during CUB Alt’s Student Comedy Night on Oct. 19 in the Traditions Lounge.

Celebrities unqualified for presidency

Ever since the outcome of the controversial 2016 presidential election, Democrats have become desperate for any rising voice that can quell concerns over liberal issues in the U.S. When Oprah Winfrey gave an awe-inspiring speech at the 2018 Golden Globes in support of the “Me Too” movement, people were already in support of her running in the 2020 election.

Novak brings ‘Office’ to College

Students at the College became the judges of writer and actor B.J. Novak’s jokes on Tuesday, April 25, during the College Union Board’s Spring Comedy show, deciding which ones made the cut and which ones would never again see the light of day.

‘The Mick’ serves up some ‘Sunny’ style sleaze

As one might expect of it’s crew’s pedigree, the show’s tone is very dark. The principal characters are not particularly good people, and it’s a testament to the actors’ performances and charisma that we're able to find ourselves somewhat sympathetic to their lives.

Andre catches College with his pants down

His presence radiated a manic energy throughout the audience members, many of whom were familiar with his show, “The Eric Andre Show.”

Lions shake their manes to The Maine

John O’Callaghan, lead singer of The Maine, said he would rather “poop his pants” than talk politics. Luckily for the audience, he talked about everything but. Even if he had, it wouldn’t have stopped him from dancing wildly across the stage and encouraging more than 500 students to let loose after a long winter break.

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