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I’ll dress you up in my love, Madonna, all over your body

I love Madonna, let’s put it out on the table. I love the music, the image, the woman, the movies, (well, maybe not the movies), but I really admire her.

Simply put, Madonna is the greatest female pop star of our time. She is part of a new feminist movement, a movement that gives more sexual freedom for women. She defies the male hierarchy.

I identify as a feminist and I think Madonna is topnotch when it comes to aggressively pushing the movement through her own methods and ideas. This challenge of male media is, indeed, a controversial idea, yet I feel that she has the intention of progressing the view of women in mass media at heart.

In regards to chart history, Madonna is among the elite of the music industry. She had 35 Top Ten singles, a feat only suppressed by Elvis Presley. She had 44 top 40 singles, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has placed a song in the Billboard 100 every year since 1983, with the exception of 1988, when she had no commercial releases. This record spans most college students’ lives.

Some may call Madonna a slut, some may call her a silly no-talent pop star, but they’re just jealous.

Madonna’s success is in her business savvy, her ability to manipulate the media, through great intelligence, entertainment and talent.

I cannot say that Madonna is the best singer or the best actor, because she is not. But she does have complete control over her image and career, she does say what she needs to say, she does stand for something. All other pop stars lack these ideas.

Let’s face it, Madonna has little competition for dominance over the pop world. I suggest we look at her competition, survey the land and see who comes out on top.

Mariah Carey – She can’t write a decent song without sampling some hook from the 80s and, oh yeah, she’s insane. She just doesn’t compare.

Jennifer Lopez – The only contest J.Lo wins is the who-can-rack-up-more-divorces contest.

Whitney Houston – Whitney has told us that, “Crack is whack.” You know what Whitney, you’re whack.

Celine Dion – Who doesn’t hate this woman? She’s so busy with her marriage to her father … I mean, her manager, that her career has become strictly a Vegas lightshow.

Janet Jackson – I have to admit, Janet is a close second in my heart to Madonna, but she only releases new material every four or five years. Sorry, Janet, you can take comfort in the fact that you are less insane then your brother Michael.

Shania Twain – She’s moved to Switzerland and has claimed she is no longer comfortable in America. We don’t like people from America Jr. (a.k.a. Canada) anyway Shania. I say we deport her.

Britney Spears – Some say she’s the next Madonna. She may be hot – but this Pepsi bitty has only one asset that is greater then Madonna’s, her ever-growing chest.

None of these wannabes, dare I say it, “divas”, compare to the complete package. Madonna is the shit.

I am inspired daily by the words and life of Madonna. To live life like a virgin, to practice what my papa preaches, to see the ray of light in every day and, most of all – to express myself.


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