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Give her a mic and she’ll speak her mind

Comedienne and actress Kathy Griffin cracked up the crowd once again, but this time it wasn’t at an awards show or in a music video. This time it was in Kendall Hall and there wasn’t a person in the auditorium that wasn’t laughing after her celebrity-bashing set.

College Union Board (CUB) brought Griffin to the school and although it wasn’t a sold-out show, all those who attended laughed their pants off. Griffin was preceded by up-and-coming comedian Kevin Seccia. Seccia came to the College from his residence in California, but is actually from Princeton.

Seccia opened with jokes about the “reserved seating” that CUB set aside, mostly because the seats were totally empty the entire show. He also joked about sending Civil War re-enactors to war if the U.S. attacks Iraq. “This is what they have been waiting for, isn’t it?” Seccia said.

Along with other topics, like suspicious mail alerts, tattoos and even embarrassing someone when her cell phone rang, Seccia also introduced the main event, Kathy Griffin.

Griffin entered the stage dancing to Eminem, who later became a topic in her star-studded routine. “He has an ass of a 13-year-old girl,” Griffin said about the rapper, who apparently repeatedly mooned her throughout the shooting of his music video, in which she made a cameo as a nurse.

Griffin brought it close to home by joking about the pronunciation of Loser Hall. “It’s loser, deal with it,” she said.

Griffin focused on talking about reality television, which she was not only a part of, but also a huge fan. Making fun of people involved with various shows like “American Idol,” “Joe Millionaire” and “The Bachelorette,” Griffin really didn’t hold anything back.

The highlight of the show was when Griffin talked about her appearance on “Hollywood Squares.” Between Little Richard fighting with Triumph the Comic Insult Dog from “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” and just simply viewing Anna Nicole-Smith interact with different celebrities, it was hard to imagine how Griffin kept a straight face through it. “I don’t think anyone ever had ignored Chaka Khan before, I don’t think Chaka knew how to deal,” Griffin said about Nicole-Smith.

Griffin gave funny facts about the celebrities who are often in the news. “Whitney and Mariah hate each other . Gillian Anderson is a bitch . Snoop-Dogg made me a part of the ‘Dogg Pound.'”

The appeal of Griffin is that she tells stories much like the average person would, and what makes it funny is that they’re usually about celebrities. Not everyone gets to tell Christina Aguilera, “It’s just a bus, honey,” or dish about getting the “church giggles” with Rosie O’Donnell at an AIDS charity event.

It probably helps that Griffin has someone like fellow comedienne and good friend Janeane Garofalo to dish with about how ridiculous Hollywood can be. Griffin said that Garofalo was a close friend, and a lot of her own comedy is based on what they talk about.

In past shows, Griffin has told a story about trying to get a male prostitute, and then backing out at the last second. “That was just Janeane and I on the phone, trying to think of ways to get guys.” Griffin said.


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