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90s: Booty-shaking, grunge and a new reality

Where did Mr. Belding go? Why is it that I can see teen sensation Joey MacIntyre on “Boston Public,” but I can’t find that damn Mr. Belding behind any desk on TV?

It seems as though we have all forgotten the beauty of the 90s (intentionally or not) and that the focus today seems to be on the 80s and all of those other decades I can’t remember. As I mentioned last week, I love the 90s and I will defend the mixed-up decade to the death.

Three words: Leopard-print spandex. What would the 90s have been with out leopard-print spandex? It was the staple of men and women, young and old. Actually, clothes in the 90s could be worn by any sex. Well, I take that back; those bathing suits in the 90s were beyond feminine.

Remember the RumpShaker video? Tons of booty, tons of completely distasteful swimwear. What more could anyone ask for? No one seemed to have a problem with wearing brief-cut bikini bottoms and padded tops in a variety of noxious patterns and colors.

But the 90s wasn’t all ass-wiggling and tacky swimsuits. Some serious stuff did happen. The grunge movement started out as a giant middle finger to pop music, but turned into a deluge of tears and depression when the pressures of being so popularly un-cool became too much.

Grunge was Nirvana. They may not have created it, but they embodied the term. Disturbing lyrics and ripped-up thrift store sweaters appealed to those of us with out an affinity for the neon mainstream. The words of Kurt Cobain seemed like they had been written for every teen and twenty-something in the country, but such tragic rock stardom had to end on an equally tragic note.

The suicide of Kurt Cobain had a huge impact on music fans. It brought a foreign concept to the front doors of Americans. I think every rock fan remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news. I saw Courtney Love crying her eyes out and couldn’t help but hate her.

But good things come from the bad and where would we be today without everyone’s favorite “freshmaker” Dave Grohl. The Nirvana drummer formed his own band, the Foo Fighters. Mentos-inspired videos followed, and the rest is history.

Right Said Fred. What else do you need to pull you out of that 90s slump than “I’m Too Sexy?” I don’t know about you, but when I hear that song my pelvis can’t stop gyrating and I have an uncontrollable urge to shake my little tush on the cat walk.

That was a bad joke. Let’s move on.

“The Real World” was born in the 90s. I can’t believe I have been watching that show for thirteen years. It never gets boring. I can name every cast member from every season and every city. Even when the cast is bad, like in Las Vegas, I can’t help but watch the show. Many a paper has been put off because of the original reality TV show.

I could go on for hours, but this is getting old. The nostalgic tears in my eyes signify that it is time for an ending. So let’s make this short and painless: I love the 90s, animal print pants and even Mr. Belding.


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