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Guilty pleasures as addictive as chocolate

Finally, Carmen got kicked off American Idol. Each week I sat waiting by the TV, hoping this week would come. Everyone is allowed a few weaknesses, it just so happens that mine are chocolate mousse and the purely ridiculous ‘American Idol.’

Think about all of the artists you like. Now how many of them would have gotten past the glaring eyes and sharp tongue of Simon Cowell? Probably one, if they were lucky.

Pop legend Madonna released her latest album, “American Life,” last Tuesday to an international audience of adoring fans. She started her career in the dingy streets of New York City’s East Village, not on a stage in front of millions of TV viewers. There was no host in a blazer t-shirt combo trying to make one-liners, sidelining her every performance.

“American Idol” makes a mockery of the music industry, not the contestants.

I’m not saying the show is bad, because that would make me a supreme hypocrite, but just look at the competition. The top 12 dwindled down to five this week, leaving the other seven people back home bagging groceries or cutting hair. Sure, it happens to real musicians too, but the whole point of the show is to set the contestants up for failure.

With that said, I doubt artists like Madonna or Beck would have had a shot on the show. I think the only person who could have won idol status is Michael Jackson. Though he may be a little off-balance, he is a natural born performer and he has the talent to go with it.

If Madonna would have gotten on that stage and sang “Borderline” in front of millions of Americans, before she had the singing lessons for her role in “Evita,” she would have been booted, just like Carmen, Kim, Ricky and all the rest of the rejects.

By no means I am speculating that Carmen could become a Madonna-esque performer, because if you watch the show as I do, you know that being confined to a room filled with hungry howler monkeys and bloodhounds would be more delightful than hearing that girl sing Blondie’s “Call Me” any day.

The point is, talent is overlooked by the show. Just because you make it on the show doesn’t mean you have talent. There is no real point to “American Idol.” What a horrible conclusion after making it that far in the series. If I had more compunction, I would boycott the rest of the show. But I am not a fist-in-the-air activist, so I will tune in for the rest of the show’s life span until Ruben wins.

I will also at this time vow to watch “Mr. Personality”, hosted by America’s Sweetheart, Monica Lewinsky, until the perfect man is found for Haley. I will watch “Sorority Life” until someone scratches the eyes out of that hag Maggie and rips the fake nail tips off the “ghetto” princess Julia. So maybe there are other vices besides chocolate mousse.


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