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Intramural spring sports sees end to season

The regular spring season has come to an end for intramural sports. Rain has put a damper on the softball season, but most of the 31 teams have made it to the playoffs.

Floor Hockey

As the B League Floor Hockey playoffs begin, only one team, the Maulers, remains undefeated. And while they have some top-notch players and goal scorers, the team has its unsung hero in Chris Sedlak. Sedlak is the stay-at-home defender, the Scott Stevens of the Maulers. It’s his dedication and hard work that makes this team special.

“I don’t know where we would be without Chris, his work in the corners and along the boards is inspiring,” Sean Farrell, forward for the Maulers, said.


In the Co-Rec Soccer League, the Yellow Shirts lead the league with an undefeated record. In the season opener, Katie Egan set her game-high, scoring five of their 10 goals against Teddy KGB. The Yellow Shirts, who only let up two goals that night, is a rookie team with talent collected from all over New Jersey.

“When the ball is in our defensive third, I have the utmost confidence that my teammates will (not) simply clear it, but rather, make astonishing passes that start our offensive plays,” Egan said. “The success of this team is based on a combined effort from everyone on the court and is aided by the overwhelming support of our fans.”


In volleyball, Spike This and The Standard both finished their regular seasons undefeated. The Standard never gave up more than seven points in its 15-point season-ending game.

Both teams are composed entirly of freshman. The Standard co-captain Ryan McCabe is looking forward to the play-offs to face new teams and teams they had played earlier in the season.

Flag Football

The Flag Football 2003 season, which was delayed because of the early winter weather, finally ended two weeks ago. The nationally ranked Six & Chix prevailed once again as they defeated Delta Phi Epsilon/Phi Kappa Tau in the Co-Rec championship, 24-0.

The three touchdowns came from senior Bob Dumas, junior Tiffany Rhea and a diving effort from senior Kate Daniels. Phi Kappa Psi pulled away with the win against Big Blue in the Men’s B championship, 7-6.

Alex Wong of Big Blue scored the first touchdown of the night with a long run down the sideline.

Phi Kappa Psi remained scoreless until late in the second half when Brian Sullivan received the tying pass from Jon Cressi from 10 yards out. Cressi found a gap and was able to run the ball in to put Phi Kappa Psi in the lead by one with just nine plays left in the game.

The College hosted Rider University’s ZBT verses the College’s Sigma Pi/Steel Reserve in the Michael San Andreas Memorial Championship game. San Andreas was a freshman at Rider who had a passion for football. He was not able to play in high school because of a heart ailment that he has had since childhood.

In an intramural flag football game on Nov. 9, he suffered a fatal heart attack that doctors said could have happened at any moment. The men’s champions of both schools played in the game, but in the end the College came out the victor.

Rider opened the game with an early touchdown in the first half, but the College pulled away with a final score of 14-10.


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